Chiropractic Blogs Top 10 Search Keyphrases

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Checking your website log files is a great way to discover what kinds of searches are resulting in visitors to your site or blog. You can optimize your site for particular words you want to be found for and you can incorporate popular terms to easily drive new traffic. I grabbed a screenshot over the weekend of the top 10 search keyphrases (from last week) appearing in the log file for this blog. Let’s take a look at those results in greater detail…

chiropractic search keyphrases

1. chiropractic

The number one result was for the term chiropractic, which is pretty much typical when checking log files on this website.

2. tushy massage

Now that’s a result I would not have expected to find in the number two position for a chiropractic blog. After doing a search I found this alternative medicine category post, a spinal decompression San Jose post, a Tuesday post (which mentions massage), and a post titled Tushy Massage and Naked Yoga. That last post being the most relevant for that search term.

At first I thought people were mistaking tushy massage for tissue massage but I see now that’s not the case. Maybe I’ll come across some massage therapists that do deep gluteal (muscles of the butt) work. Not really a valuable keyword in my opinion.

3. chiropractic blogs

Searches for the term chiropractic blogs resulted in visitors hitting this blog’s homepage. The same applies to more specific searches for That’s a relevant search and I’m not at all surprised to see it as the number three result.

4. computers internet blog

Here’s another search term I’m scratching my head on. That particular keyword search brought up a post on chiropractic search marketing intensive, practice management software, a WikiScanner post (with a funky picture of a hand x-ray), and a post defining what RSS stands for.

Personally, I don’t think any of those results are really well targeted. The search marketing post relates computers, the Internet and blogging, of my guess is that most people were searching for something else.

5. chiropractic blog

Number five may seem redundant to number three but there is a difference between chiropractic blogs (pleural) and chiropractic blog (singular). Both those search terms results in visitors landing on the blog homepage.

I noticed this news post titled chiropractic blog delivers legendary chiropractors messages was showing up in search results. I consider that a good relevant search result. This post on Google blended video and small-business marketing also appeared in top results. Not quite as relevant, but a good blog post nonetheless.

6. feel good words

This key phrase is a good example of why it’s important to research what terms are resulting in traffic to your site. The related article, 101 Words That Feel Good, is a perfect match (in my opinion) for people searching for feel-good words. Another post that shows up in the results, Dirty Little Marketing Secret Number 731, is not quite as relevant. I’m not even so sure why it is showing up for that search key phrase.

7. used chiropractic tables

I would bet almost everyone making a search for used chiropractic tables is a chiropractor or chiropractic student (or maybe an equipment vendor). A blog post by the same title (see the link above) is the most relevant result, and there’s a fairly detailed post about different styles of chiropractic adjusting tables getting some user traffic as well. Personally, the most relevant result I know of for somebody seeking to sell or buy an adjusting table is the used equipment adjusting tables category in the classified ad section. Technically, that’s not part of this blog so the link is not going to show up in log files on search results.

8. Win a Wii Fit

I don’t expect to see this search term appearing next month. Last week it was dead on relevant since you could win a wii fit from planet chiropractic in a blog commenting contest we had. Kimberly Bock won the Wii Fit and it turned out to be a great contest. I was happy with the amount of people that participated and I thought the comments were great.

9. quantum reflex analysis

I was surprised to see that search term at first but then I noticed there was a specific post on Quantum Reflex Analysis from January of 2008. The search for that term also brought up results for Gonstead chiropractic technique seminars and nutrition seminars. I would perform some searches on the chiropractic seminars pages if you are specifically looking for continuing education events related to those topics.

10. chiropractic business cards

Pleased to see searches for chiropractic business cards since I feel we have a number of relevant results. The Chiropractic and Wellness Gold Card post and the guerrilla chiropractic marketing cards are two good examples. There are also posts on chiropractor business cards from Arizona, a business card karma post, and a post on coming forth with new and productive ideas.

I scanned over 50 business cards after seeing this keyword in the search results and I’ll be providing a much more detailed post on a wide range of different chiropractic business cards so those of you seeking ideas can have them available to you.

That’s the top 10 list as of June 15, 2008.

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  1. ‘tushy message’ haha. uh, are you sure you’re not offering private consultations that we’re unaware of?

    ok, so i’m kidding. 🙂

  2. interesting post (and nice blog) doc. there are also some pretty neat tools out there for tracking search terms… i can see what search words someone used…what page of my blog they landed on…and where they went when they left. thanks for the good info.

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