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Navigating the Chiropractic Classifieds

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

We have recently updated the classifieds section on Planet Chiropractic and I wanted to share some links for those of you seeking our most popular categories.

Most importantly is the mainpage: Chiropractic Classifieds

chiropractic adjusting table

On that page you can view all of the categories and see how many advertisements are posted to each category. We carried over most of the categories that were on our previous site but we’ll likely be modifying categories as we go forward. Below is a list of the 5 most used (posted to) categories.

There’s quite a few additional categories if you drill down from the primary ones. We will continue to review what ads are getting posted where and we’ll make improvements when we can.

Cheers, love and light!


Dillard’s Fashion Show Photos at Parker Seminars

For those chiropractors and staff that were up early in attendance Friday morning at the 2012 Parker Seminars Las Vegas, there was a special presentation on the main stage. Dillard’s, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, and Parker Seminars, put on a fashion show. It was an exciting way to start off a fabulously fashionable Friday morning in Las Vegas.

Dillards women's swimsuit fashionsDillard’s Summer Swimsuit Fashions

Admittedly, I wasn’t prepared for shooting photographs at a fashion show (I would’ve packed a different lens), but I got close enough to get some decent shots. Chiropractors tend to stand still which makes it easier to take their photographs (will post a set of those later), but this event was moving quickly, providing me with some good morning exercise.

female model in red dress with large handbagModeling a Red Dress and Handbag

The models looked terrific and there were even some celebrity chiropractors in the mix. That was the most special treat, and also quite unexpected. I love how the lighting changed throughout the entire fashion event. There were lots of reds, shades of purple, and the big Dillard’s backdrop.

Dillard's Fashion Models Plus SizeContemporary Spring Fashion

Most of the models were women, but there were also fashions for men, would not want anyone in the chiropractic practice to be under dressed. The men modeled casual clothing, as well as fashionable suits and other attire.

Dillard's Casual Men's FashionDillard’s Casual Men’s Fashion

We got to see daytime wear, casual clothing, formal attire, and evening wear. While it wasn’t a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (those models need chiropractic too), it really was the perfect way to present new fashions at a chiropractic conference. Las Vegas is the perfect place for this sort of event.

Teal Eveningwear With Matching WrapTeal Evening Wear with Matching Wrap

Dillard’s had a large area set up, not far from the main hall, where chiropractors and other attendees could shop the latest fashions while at the conference. Parker Seminars has long been known to host chiropractors dressed in their best attire, and many times over the years, I can recall DCs suggesting to be the best dressed in one’s practice. By showing off fashions like this, Parker Seminars is talking the talk and walking the walk.

Eveningwear That's Perfect for a Parker GalaEvening Wear That’s Perfect for a Parker Gala

There are always parties and other events to attend during a Parker Seminars Las Vegas weekend, the Dillard’s Fashion Show made it easy for attendees to pick out new styles that they could where the same day, you didn’t even have to leave the seminar.

Fabrizio Mancini Escorted OnstageParker Chiropractic University President Fabrizio Mancini Escorted Onstage

The handsome gentleman above, sporting fashionable business attire, is none other than Parker University President and Dr. of Chiropractic, Fabrizio Mancini. The work of a chiropractic college president is never done, with fashion shows and mentoring others as part of the job, Fabrizio is a master at both.

Kent Greenawalt Foot LevelersKent Greenawalt of Foot Levelers, Inc

The gentleman with the fabulous posture and terrific gait (and a beautiful fashion model on each arm) is Kent Greenawalt of Foot Levelers, Inc . He is the brainchild behind the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (a nonprofit organization dedicated to generating positive press for the chiropractic profession). The perfect example of F4CP‘s work is NFL superstar Jerry Rice (a longtime chiropractic advocate) as a chiropractic profession spokesperson.

Female Fashion Model Parker SeminarsMore Fashions for Women in Attendance

Like I mentioned earlier, the colors of the stage changed throughout the entire modeling show. The music was a great accompaniment to each person’s fashions were well described by an announcer. The audience had a cheerful time, the event was upbeat, and there was lots of laughter and applause.

Redheaded Model with HandbagModel Struts across Stage with Handbag

Women love their handbags (no man purse seen in this fashion show) and the model pictured above shows us wonderful walking posture and handbag style. Looks like all the models that participated had lots of fun and I thought the event was quite a success. Very professionally done. Did you know chiropractors have been organizing fashion shows for decades? Here’s a newspaper clipping from one held in New Jersey in the 1970s. I believe I even have a clipping from the 1930s somewhere, featuring a Hollywood movie star.

Gilles LaMarche Parker Fashion ShowDr. Gilles Lamarche – Vice President of Seminars and Development at Parker

I loved how chiropractic leadership was worked into the fashion show. Besides the president of Parker University, there were also appearances by Dr. Gilles Lamarche, vice president of Parker Seminars and Development, as well as others. They all looked marvelous and handled the stage with grace and poise.

Chiropractor Carol Ann MaliziaChiropractor Carol Ann Malizia (F4CP Board Member and Functional Wellness Consultant)

The stunning model photographed above, with two handsome gentleman on each side, is functional wellness consultant, Carol Ann Malizia. Dr. Malizia is a chiropractor and board member of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. This was an all class fashion show, and it was a terrific demonstration of multiple groups working together to promote their brands. Nicely done.

Dillard's Fashion Show Las VegasModels and Chiropractors featured in Dillard’s Fashion Show Las Vegas

You can view a more complete set of photographs from the Dillard’s Fashion Show during Parker Seminars in Las Vegas in this Flickr photo set. While I’m a chiropractor by day (actually I’m a chiropractor all the time), my fashion show photography portfolio has been growing. Oakley summer fashions can also be seen in one of my many Flickr photograph sets.

Terrific job by Dillard’s Fashion, Parker Seminars 2012, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, the models, and everyone else that made the fashion show a success.

Visiting NFL Stadiums

Today marks the first day of postseason play in the NFL, and while I’m excited there’s games on Saturday and Sunday, I’m already missing regular-season NFL play.

For several years now, I’ve been traveling (oftentimes with Raiders fan MrsChiropractic) to football stadiums throughout the United States. We try to visit at least two stadiums per season, choosing locations that are easy to get to from major airports (since we fly out of LAX). During the 2011 NFL season, I got to see a great game at Raymond James Stadium (Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium) in Tampa, Florida.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers StadiumTampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium at 50 Yard Line

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosted the Atlanta Falcons (the Buccaneers won the game) and as you can see from the image above, the view from the 50 yard line (we were about 15 rows up) was perfect. There was rain for the first quarter of the game but it was quite warm in Tampa and the beer was cold (they deliver to the seats in this stadium).

Oakland Raiders End ZoneEnd Zone at Oakland Raiders Stadium in California

The stadium I travel to most is in Oakland California and it’s perfectly located for quick in and out flights to Oakland International Airport. A great thing about being a chiropractor that has weekends off, is being able to fly on Friday nights (oftentimes spending the weekend in San Francisco) and returning to Los Angeles on Sunday after the game. Quite a few times I’ve also flown into OAK on Sunday morning, taking the bus to Oakland Coliseum, and returned home Sunday night.

Oakland Raiders CheerleadersOakland Raiders Cheerleaders on the Field

Sitting in the lower section rows nearest to the field have their advantages when going to NFL games (like being able to get clear unobstructed photographs of players and cheerleaders) but I personally don’t like sitting in the lower rows during gametime. Far too many times I’ve had what I thought would be great seats for a game, only to be obstructed by video camera operators for the NFL on massive mobile platforms, blocking my view during the action.

Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray RiceBaltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice Signing Autographs

Some NFL players are more fan friendly than others. I’ve been to a few games where the Baltimore Ravens were playing, and I’ve seen players like running back Ray Rice (and several others) chatting with fans and signing autographs. That’s especially exciting for kids, and it reminds me of my childhood days in the 1970s, with players from the New York Jets always treating me kindly (growing up my neighbor was a New York Jets running back).

Miami Dolphins StadiumMiami Dolphins Stadium Hosting the Super Bowl

Every NFL football fan should jump on the opportunity to attend the Super Bowl. I was in Miami Florida for Super Bowl XLIV when the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts. It was a spectacular event. When it comes to the Super Bowl, I recommend traveling fans go for the full experience. Try and stay in a hotel that’s either nearby the stadium or is hosting lots of NFL guests. While in Miami, I was at a Marriott hotel filled with sports commentators and celebrities, and times in the hotel bar became an experience to remember. I am planning to attend Super Bowl 2013 in New Orleans, regardless of who’s playing. That city is going to be off the hook!

Oakland ColiseumOakland Coliseum Upper Level behind End Zone

For a Super Bowl, just being inside the stadium is good enough for me. When going to regular-season games I now prefer to sit a bit higher up and in a front row (so I can actually sit and not worry about fans in front of me standing the entire game). During a regular-season NFL game with the Oakland Raiders hosting the Seattle Seahawks (Raiders won) we had what I thought were great seats above the end zone. They weren’t too high up and they were in the first row of the section. You could see all of the plays come together from his viewpoint of the field.

Every NFL stadium is different though, and in Oakland for example (as well as in San Diego) the TV monitors are horrendous, so I wouldn’t rely on those. I have yet to visit the new stadium in Dallas Texas but that may just happen this year. Several former Dallas Cowboys superstars (like Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice) have been great advocates of regular chiropractic care, but it’s Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers (son of a Chico California Chiropractor) who is my likely pick to win this year’s Super Bowl 46 on February 5, 2012.

Have to admit there are some phenomenal quarterbacks going into this year’s postseason games though, the next few weeks should be pretty awesome to watch.

Potential Keyphrase Ranking with Twitter

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I set out to perform an experiment this morning related to longtail keyphrases (in this case focused on local search). Using Twitter, the popular micro blogging service, I sent a tweet to followers, asking them to share information about their location, and local weather.

Weather Near You.

An investigation like this one works best when you have active followers. Fortunately I had replies within minutes, which makes an experiment like this much easier to blog about.

OK, the question asked was… Weather Near You. Tweet me City you’re in and Current Weather info. (experiment and blog post) Thnx!

And the replies were as followschiropractic VA Beach

From Virginia Beach Al Doss (abdoss on twitter) messaged it was 34 degrees and partly sunny. Pamela Lund (Pamela_Lund on twitter) messaged from San Diego with a report that it was 51° and skies were clear.

chiropractic San DiegoAudrey Seiberling (ShirleyTipsy on twitter) tweeted from Rancho Cucamonga (that’s in Southern California) that skies were clear and it was 56° out (almost same whether as San Diego).

chiropractic Rancho CucamongaThe coldest weather report came from Dan Perry in Chicago (danperry on twitter) with news that it was only 5° out. I guess that’s not too cold for Chicago, but not the kind of weather my Los Angeles blood could handle for long.

Chiropractic ChicagoI wasn’t expecting such a nice weather report from the Portland, Oregon area but Aaron Hockley (ahockley on twitter) tweeted that it was sunny and around 40° in the Portland, OR area.

Chiropractic PortlandSteven Crick (stevencrick on twitter) replied via TwitterFon saying that in Orlando, Florida it was just simply cold. Funny, I just realized I didn’t ask anyone to give me city/state information, but several did (still works for this experiment though). I wonder if Florida cold is like Venice Beach cold (not really cold but cooler than normal).

chiropractic orlandoThe tweet from Boston, Massachusetts I received from ljd on twitter did not include weather information, but he sent a second message saying it was clear and cold in the Waltham, MA 02451 area. The city state and zip code information is good enough for this experiment, so I included his tweet.

chiropractic walthamAnother tweet came from the Portland, Oregon area. They must love their twitter in the northern Western states. Emarketing Strategist Elge Premeau (elgepremeau on twitter) said the weather in the Portland area was Sunny and warm for a change. Woo hoo!

chiropractic Portland, OregonSo far, we had two localized responses from the Portland Oregon area and now we have two from San Diego. Michael Buonomo (SearchBuzz on twitter), SEO for, tweeted this message regarding weather in the coastal San Diego area… Sunny SD Baby — 67 degrees getting up to 74 today. (coastal)

chiropractic san diego costalI like that Michael had such a positive outlook on the days weather, not only giving us the current temperature, but what the afternoon coastal highs were expected to be. If this were a contest, it looks like Oregon would be the winner. Another tweet came from that state, this one from Todd Mintz (toddmintz on twitter) saying that the weather in Beaverton, Oregon was Sunny & 33 degrees.

chiropractic beavertonOK, so that’s 10 responses so far to my question about location and the weather. What does this all mean? It may not mean anything to you but here’s where I’m going with it. This next screenshot is a bit larger and shows the Twitter page title tag appearing at the top of an Internet Explorer browser.

chiropractic seattle washingtonIn the screenshot, John Andrews (johnandrews on twitter) tweet to me regarding the weather in Seattle (@chiropractic Seattle, WA steady cool breeze, overcast, 39 degrees) shows that the @ reply to my user profile @chiropractic followed by city and state information [Seattle, WA] creates a title tagged page with a high value keyword phrase (local search related to the chiropractic industry).

I noticed I missed somebody. Brian Chappell (brianchappell on twitter) tweeted that it was cold and sunny in Cary, NC (35-40 degrees) but I didn’t grab a screenshot. Next time Brian.

Now, this is SEO theory, and I’m not suggesting anything secret or making any claims, but for keyword phrases that are not too competitive, would someone theoretically be able to tweet @ a profile that included a keyword, and complete the phrase they were seeking to rank for? This may seem like a waste of time and possibly rightfully so for competitive phrases. I’m thinking about the long tail here, and also just sharing my thoughts on the experiment out loud.

Let’s say someone tweets the following information…

Chiropractic Monmouth, NJ

That’s a nice locally specific  keyword rich description snippet in less than 140 characters. There is even room for a short URL. Theoretically speaking, any chiropractor could create an account on twitter, ad a shortened URL, and tweet address information to @chiropractic. We know there are tons of bots tweeting local information (and all kinds of other keyword rich data) constantly, but in the cases I’ve shown above I’m thinking about the keyword specifically appearing in the title tag as a factor.

Questions I have include:

  • would the domain trust of twitter help to rank a long tail key phrase (versus the same information on a new site)?
  • would the retweeting of the initial tweet URL have any effect on rankings?
  • for noncompetitive keyphrases, how many links to the tweet URL would it take before a page 1 ranking took place?

The weather examples don’t necessarily apply but I figured it would be an easy way to get localized data to help me with this experiment. What if the data was keyword rich and specific to the keyword profile? My initial thinking is that with little effort pages could rank fairly well, although I don’t have any screenshot queries to show in examples (yet). That will come in another post.

Thanks to everyone that helped out, you guys are great!

Got Nutz?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The post cards are stacked high on my desk. I’ve been out of town the past week and lots of seminar and marketing information from chiropractors were on my desk when I returned. I had to postcards from those crazy chiropractors in Orange County, Dr. Bill DeMoss and Dr. Brad Glowaki. They have a two-day seminar taking place on January 24 and January 25 in Huntington Beach.


Above is a screenshot from a scan of the postcard. The program is called Nutz & Boltz and it’s designed to help chiropractors grow their practices more efficiently and effectively.

The info reads:  Got Nutz? with philosophy, marketing and CA breakouts, this seminar packs it all in! Your chiropractic faculty for the weekend consists of Dr. Bill Demoss “the godfather of West Coast philosophy”, and Dr. Brad Glowaki “the new patient mavan”. The CA break out and patient relations instructor for staff will be Gina Rose Kimball, who has been a chiropractic office manager for 10 years and has more recently run the marketing for Mark Victor Hansen. Come see what has been working and step into the big leagues in 09! Seminar starts 9 a.m. Saturday and concludes at 1 p.m. Sunday. All rooms ocean view and reduced room rates available.

These are the same two guys putting on the 2009 DCS California Jam event at the Performing Arts Center in Newport Beach California. Nutz n Boltz is a two-day seminar whereas the Jam is on a single day Saturday.

Some more information on this two-day intensive… This power packed weekend will show you how to fill your office with new patients, enhance your exam to build value and detail the most effective report of findings. During this seminar we will share all of our secrets from the wildly popular “new patient bonanza” event, as well as the true art of the day one examination.

So this event is January 24 and January 25 (registration and website details) and these guys really know their stuff, I’d recommend their events to anyone. Don’t miss out on the 2009 California Jam which is taking place on March 7 in Costa Mesa.

Hope to see you there!

Blogging from the LA Auto Show

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Thanks to writing online for the past ten years, and to twitter (follow me here), I’ve been invited to cover news related to the LA Auto Show in downtown Los Angeles.

From what I’ve seen so far the show looks to be an awesome experience. Even with all the doom and gloom talk about the automobile industry, this is a show people in LA can enjoy. It’s like seeing a glimpse into the future, and it’s very cool.

(Photo above is the 2010 Ford Fusion Sedan)

For bloggers and journalists, there is a massive media center sponsored by Yokohama. The Yokohama Media Center is between the South and West halls in Room 408, on the second level of the LA Convention Center.

Everything a journalist could possibly need is available here. Theres about 250 settings for computer work and lots of tables and chairs to get productive at. There’s WiFi and printers, photo and editorial desks, workstations (both for those seating and those standing), and a number of staff on hand to offer assistance if required.

I’ll be preparing a bunch of blog posts and news articles featuring cars at the show. My first was posted Tuesday titled 2010 Mustang and LA Auto Show and there are more to come today.

Check out the 2008 LA Auto Show here. Happy Motoring!

Sciatica, Software, and Seminars

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Somewhere on this blog I’ve mentioned all the postcards my chiropractic office gets throughout the week. Postcards, like this digital pedometer postcard from Dr. Steve Visentin are fairly popular, but the ones that come to my office are mostly from suppliers and vendors of chiropractic merchandise.

There is a stack on my desk that are heading to the shredder. Among them are 2008 seminar dates for a physiotherapy and chiropractic technique review taking place in Bakersfield, California. Event is $235 and takes place November 8 and December 6. A chiropractor named Bridget Bonnet is putting on this approved for 12 hours re-licensing seminar and you can get more information by calling 661-325-6325.

There is a personal injury seminar taking place in Pasadena on October 18 and Laguna Hills on November 13. It’s a one-day 12 hours relicensing event that involves four hours focused on narrative report writing, four hours of technique for auto injury trauma patients, and four hours of impairment rating. For those in the world of personal injury and auto collisions this looks like he could be a fairly good event. Contact number on the postcard is for attorney Steven Eggleston in Huntington Beach, California. Call 714-962-5205 for more information.

The chiropractic seminars database features a number of chiropractic events taking place throughout the world but oftentimes these seminars appearing on postcards have not yet been listed (likely because they don’t know about the free service – even though it’s been available nearly 10 years).

One more chiropractic seminar postcard I received is from chiropractor Michael Sladich and a review and workshop taking place in Bakersfield, Buena Park, and Pasadena. Not much details on what’s taking place at the events other than x-ray and technique review. Those interested can get more information by calling 661-325-6300.

A postcard for Chiro8000 chiropractic software (what’s being called patient relationship software) is also on my desk. This comes from a company called Forte Systems which is based California. We use some version of their software in my office but I’m honestly not sure which one. It’s nothing to be excited about. Postcard looks cool though with them announcing version 12 of this practice management and billing software. Those interested to get more information by calling them at 800-456-2622. Tell them Dr. Mike an ADIO chiropractic in Los Angeles should be getting new software so he can review and write about an online.

I mentioned sciatica in the title and I just realized in the stack was not a sciatica postcard but an order form for the world’s thinnest wallet. I tell every patient that comes to my office to get their wallet out of their back pockets. It is my opinion that no more than a few credit cards or a small amount of cash be kept in someone’s back pocket. Condoms leave a funny ring on your jeans if you’re not using them regularly and sitting on your butt all the time. So I don’t recommend keeping those in your back pocket either.

No offense, but the last thing a chiropractor needs is one more piece of junk to be selling in their office. But in fairness the toll-free number for the world’s thinnest wallet is 800-642-2226. It’s my experience that selling sucks but maybe you’d want to order these in bulk and give them out as gifts in the upcoming holiday season.

While I’m clearing the desk of postcards and now brochures, I may as well get some of these fliers off of my desk too. The California Chiropractic Association has two brown bag teleseminars taking place in October on the seventh and the 14th. Both are related to Medicare and they are presented by Linda Coltrin. For more information call 916-648-2727 and ask for extension 141 or 120.

There is a fax on my desk from Automated Data Systems Inc. which is a full-service claims processing company that handles outsourced billing for chiropractic offices. I’ve used them over the years and have been real happy with their service. Call Paul Rothwell at 877-746-4237 and tell Michael Dorausch from sent you. Great company for those that don’t want to do billing in-house.

That is seven items off my desk, I am open to receive abundance and prosperity. 🙂

20 years later in Elk Grove

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Dr. Steven Hansen of Elk Grove California was recently interviewed for a Planet Chiropractic news article. After the interview was nearly complete he was asked a few more questions about his chiropractic practice. Dr. Steve got into the topic with great detail so we decided to include his shared information as a separate post. The following is from Dr. Steven Hansen…

Steven B. Hansen, D.C.

After 20 years in practice I thought I had it all figured out. I had a very successful practice and many loyal patients. Then I was involved in an auto accident. I was hit from behind and suffered from whiplash. Initially I thought, “no big deal, I will just get adjusted and heal up.” Long story short, I developed pinched nerves in my neck and an MRI revealed 2 herniated disks and one torn disk. My right biceps muscle atrophied (withered) 1/2 inch and became significantly weaker. I experienced headaches for the first time in my life and had constant neck pain. Two and 1/2 years went by and over one dozen different chiropractors and several different chiropractic techniques, to no avail. I actually considered retiring. As if this were not enough a close family relative who for the last 20 years I have cared for, had a neck injury and the epilepsy that went away after I begin caring for him returned and despite my best efforts I could not get him stabilized.

Also during this time I had a great long term patient develop throat cancer and die shortly after. There were several more patients who for one reason or another frustrated me with regard to lack of healing or frequent flare-ups. So I begin to pray, asking God for answers. Then I began to search the internet, calling up old friends, and going to seminars looking for answers. The answer came at a re-licensure seminar in Las Vegas.

A Doctor was giving this very awkward looking adjustment in the reception area with about 20 people standing in line. I stood in line to receive what would be my first biocranial adjustment and a life changing event for myself, my family and my patients. My first biocranial hurt immensely. So did my second and third. Then on my eighth biocranial “IT” happened. Relief of neck pain, no more arm numbness or weakness. No more headaches! And a surprising bonus, my wife and I felt less stressed out by our kids and life in general, we were just happier. This would be a recurring theme reported by dozens of patients. As it turns out Biocranial releases stress and torquing on the brain and spinal cord and the entire nervous system and hence the entire body and mind functions better.

During my healing process it became clear that if I wanted to become a true world class healer I needed to address all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. I needed to make available to my patients the opportunity to participate in “living health” Chiropractic techniques, Exercise strategies that WORK!, nutritional products that are effective and affordable, and ongoing support, assistance and advice on achieving and maintaining a state of “living health.”

After hundreds of hours of research it all came together. Hansen Chiropractic is now Peak Performance Chiropractic offering 20 years of chiropractic experience, a state of the art strength training, rehab and fitness center are one on one with a certified trainers and get this, awesome results are achieved in thirty minutes workouts per week.

Superior results to increase strength, stamina, flexibility, neck and back stability, fat burning and osteoporosis reduction/prevention. Stress reduction is also a major goal in the Living Health puzzle, so we added Massage Therapy, whole food nutrition is also very important since most people eat fast food, packaged food and lack adequate amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. I also provide weekly, “Mind Expansions”, i.e. patient handouts covering various topics to achieve and maintain Living Health. You can be assured that I am relentless in my quest to stay on the cutting edge of providing outstanding HEALTH CARE.

I expect only one thing in return, SPREAD THE WORD! I truly enjoy caring for people. I want to be used up. I do not want to waste my God given potential. So, PLEASE step up and tell your friends, family and co-workers about what we do. It literally could change their lives.

Coarsegold Chiropractic Office on Highway 41

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

On a recent road trip (partially along the California five freeway) to Yosemite National Forest, I passed by a number of chiropractic offices. We stopped in Bakersfield on Friday to visit the office of Dr. James Ryan and took some photographs of chiropractic offices in Fresno.

On Saturday, I was in Oakhurst, Fish Camp, and Coarsegold, and took photos of signs and outsides of chiropractic offices I located while in those towns. This photo was taken off of California Highway 41.

Chiropractic Coarsegold

There is a new hotel and casino in Coarsegold (which looked massive) but I didn’t visit the property. Coarsegold is in Madera County California. Pretty sure the name comes from California gold rush times since there’s billboards featuring pictures of prospectors along the highway. It’s a small town but this chiropractic office was located directly on the main highway (41) and it was easy to spot traveling to and from Yosemite Park.

Someone in a nearby market told me there is an abundance of tarantulas in the area, especially in October and November. So from what I could see when visiting Coarsegold, there’s a chiropractic office, a post office, a hardware store, a vitamin store (located next to the chiropractor’s office), a carpet and upholstery cleaning service (see the top of the sign) and a few other businesses. Here is a view of the chiropractic office from the front.

The trees in the background appear a bit hazy due to the recent fires in the area. At least 50 fire trucks from places like Visalia were heading up Highway 41 as I was passing back through town on Tuesday. Highway 41 is also known as Southern Yosemite Highway in that area.

First Day of Summer Funnies

On the first day of a hot summer this guy should be extremely busy. Oh wait….

vaccination man

Slowly he would cruise the neighborhood, waiting for that occasional careless child who confused him with another vendor. Sure thing Johnny, you’ll be screaming, but it won’t be for ice cream.