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Nobody is just a Chiropractor

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you’ve been in chiropractic practice as long as I have you may know this experience well. Suppose you’re just getting started in practice and received your chiropractors license yesterday, this applies to you. From my perspective, not only are you a unique edition to this profession, you are a multifaceted, omni-directional, expression of life on this place we call Earth.

All paths lead to the same destination, but there are as many ways to arrive as there has been, or is to be, beings in existence.

Everybody has a story, and that’s one of the many facets of practice that I love. Every chiropractor has a story too, and I have long thought those stories are to be told.

I’m sitting on the stage with two gentlemen in a large conference hall in Las Vegas, Nevada. As we walk off after our presentations, individuals approach us and three mini crowds form. The one who helped in founding the worlds most popular search engine gathers the majority. The other, a founder for a more recent competitor, also draws attention. Then there’s the folks that gravitate towards me.

Speaking about search, search engines, data science and other associated topics has been a passion of mine for nearly twenty years. I can go all day talking about big data.

But you’re not here to be talked at about me, my apologies. I’m bringing attention to the topic because I know there are volumes of stories to be told. Your stories. Who you are in the world of chiropractic and in the worlds you so precisely balance into your life.

We are children, spouses, parents, stewards of humanity. We are also ball players, real estate agents, CEOs, assistant coaches, fashion models, Olympic athletes, lottery winners, musicians, professional photographers, crypto traders, restaurant owners, and the list goes on. We’ve had, are having, and will have experiences other than our ones as a chiropractor.

At times, we may have walked the same dirt on our paths through chiropractic life, but I’d like to get back to hearing more about your other journeys. More on this topic to come.


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