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A better way to match Associate Chiropractors with Clinics:

We believe that there should be a better way. 
Our map based programming allows doctors to visually see the opportunities.  We allow for cloaking of actual locations to provide a degree of confidentiality.  And we’re working on the next set of improvements.  Please message us with your ideas or feedback

"The nervous system holds the key to the body's incredible potential to heal itself."
- Sir Jay Holder
"There is no effect without a cause. Chiropractors adjust causes. Others treat effects."
- B.J. Palmer
“Find the subluxation. Accept it where you find it. Correct it. Leave it alone.”
- Dr. Clarence Gonstead
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Choosing a Prime Chiropractic Location

Choosing a Prime Chiropractic Location Part 4 in our series of Assessing the Salary of a Chiropractor Where you’re located could make all the difference in the world A chiropractor in California is going to have different issues to consider than a Florida chiropractor will, even though both are coastal states. That may not have much to do with salary as much as it does with what one does with their salary (such as living expenses). Chiropractic has also been growing internationally and there are many more opportunities than there were 10 years ago. Remember one thing when you’re getting ready to open a chiropractic practice… Where there are people, there is potential for success. It may be nice to live in a town of 173 but unless the other nearby areas have a significantly greater number of people, you

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The stats on chiropractor salaries

The stats on chiropractor salaries Part 3 of Assessing the Salary of a Chiropractor Series If you haven’t already seen them, here is Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. Statistics on chiropractor salaries I have done some of my own research to gather information regarding Chiropractor Salaries. I came up with a lot of different numbers, none of which offer any specifics on topics I hope to address. No one is going to have exact data but we can at least get a range from the info that is available. For example, according to, the median expected salary for a typical chiropractor in the United States is $78,994. According to data on, median annual earnings of salaried chiropractors were $65,330 in 2002 with the middle 50 percent earning between $44,140 and $102,400 a year. One website

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How much money can a chiropractor make

How much money can a chiropractor make? (part 2 of Assessing the Salary of a Chiropractor) The BIG question… How much money can a chiropractor make? That is going to depend on a lot of factors. Those factors include but are not limited to… where you’re going to practice, how you’re going to practice, how many hours a day you intend to work, how many years you intend to work, if you plan on owning your own business or intend to work for someone else, and the list goes on. For the purpose of this article we are talking about money chiropractors earn while practicing chiropractic, not what they can do with their money once they have it. It’s not necessarily how you make your money, regardless of the profession you choose, it’s what you do with your money that

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Assessing the Salary of a Chiropractor

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. The purpose of this article is to hopefully answer some of the many questions people have asked me over the years (now 17) regarding the earning potential that a doctor of chiropractic has. Please note that this article is a continual work in progress and in being so it has unfinished parts. As I gather and filter through more information I will include it. If after reading through the article you feel there is a particular issue that could have been discussed, feel free to email me and I’ll consider getting into it with greater detail. In an effort to help everyone, I am addressing some of your e-mail questions on the chiropractic salaries pages. Your personal information will be kept private but the subject of your question may appear on the site. Thanks to all

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Schools and Salaries

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I receive questions via email about chiropractic schools and chiropractic salaries more than any other topic related to the field. I took the time to answer a particular question today (Doctrine Degree and Chiropractor Intoxication Manslaughter) but the reality is I have hundreds of questions remaining unanswered that are growing stagnant. I do hope to get more of the emails answered but I find it takes about 30 minutes per email to provide a good reply. It’s a losing battle when 10+ queries come in daily. While looking for information on a question asked today, I found quite a few news and blog posts I had not organized, which may contain answers to some of the regular questions coming in. Consider this post a related posts starting point for various questions I’m receiving. 6 different chiropractors

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Chiropractic Letters I Get Monthly

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I invite you non chiropractic business people to read this post, as I feel a lot of this stuff crosses into many types of small businesses. About once a month I get a handwritten letter from some chiropractic practice management firm in Tustin, California. I believe they always include the same testimonial, from a chiropractic office in San Clemente, along with their handwritten cover letter inviting me to call for a free consultation. In the past I’ve thrown the letters in the trash (gotta start recycling those) but they keep coming. I received one again this month, and I think there’s some good topics related to chiropractic salaries, so I decided to keep it (at least until this post is done). The testimonial letter is from a chiropractor in San Clemente (Southern California) and it reads

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12 Thousand a Week in Cash for Chiropractic

A chiropractor in Northern California sent me some mail the other day that included a few reports from California Chiropractors (and one Washington office) and their recent cash incomes. I thought this would provide some good information for those asking questions about chiropractic salaries, as this is an area of chiropractic practice that I find is rarely discussed online. This is in no way to boast about chiropractors and their cash incomes, I’m just providing the information I received. As I have stated in previous posts, incomes range from around zero into six figure monthly incomes. All data is related to DCs in California (except one) but I’m getting similar reports from chiropractors across the US. I’ll sit down with some at upcoming conferences and see about getting some tips on video, which will be posted here. I believe these

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4 Steps to Chiropractic Music Business Success

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I was at breakfast with a group of friends last Saturday and a conversation came up regarding success stories in the music industry. First, this is no ordinary group of guys talking about music. Second, I had my laptop. You may be asking yourself “what kind of a nerd brings a computer to breakfast” …that would be me. The guys were talking about consumer behavior, monetizing music, artists that make money versus those that don’t, and success stories in the industry. For me, it’s hard not to listen to any conversation related to business and not think about comparisons in the world of chiropractic (and other fields of business). The guys were just going along having their conversation and I was making some notes when Bob Ezrin said “there are four steps to success” in music.

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Enrolled in a Chiropractic Program

This comes from a student about to enter chiropractic college… I am currently enrolled in a chiropractic program at the University of Bridgeport, which I will be starting in August. Now as that day is approaching, I am becoming more and more nervous and am hoping that I am making the right decision. I am surprised at how many people have negative things to say to me about being a chiropractor, all of which have never seen a chiropractor. So if you have any inspiring words about that, I would much appreciate it. I am also concerned about salary. Do you think that the salary a chiropractor makes is enough to pay back the student loans I will have collected? No one is going to be able to inspire you, but you. Get that in your head! I can tell

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Chiropractic Salaries added to this Blog

I have been receiving several emails per day regarding chiropractic salaries, jobs, practice methods, school requirements, and all sorts of related (and unrelated) stuff. After a few months of e-mailing back and forth with people I’ve decided to create at least two sections in this blog area that will be dedicated to posing questions, answering questions, and hosting discussions related to the subject of chiropractic salaries and chiropractic schooling. In some ways the two categories will be related but in many ways they are not. Someone in active practice really doesn’t care about school since they’ve already graduated, taken national and state boards, and have other things on their mind. The e-mails I get from people that have not entered school yet involve different subjects and questions from those that have been in the field for several years. I will

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