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We Chose a Positive Attitude Profession

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There may be no profession on the planet that is more positively focused than chiropractic. The entire foundation chiropractic is built upon is in helping people express the best version of themselves. Within the profession, and publicly, we may use different terminologies to describe it, but at the core we are all working towards the same goal. That’s pretty amazing and I’m grateful to be a participant.

That’s my dog relaxing in the dirt as I write this. A day in the office is like a happy dogs day in the dirt.

I walk into the office, “it’s great to see you Dr. Mike” says a patient in the front seating area. I reply, “it’s great to see you too.” That is a terrific way to begin ones day.

Person after person comes in, it’s upbeat, we’re smiling, there’s laughter (especially when you clear those thoracic vertebra in an AP position), and people are genuinely happy to be in the office.

Even on the rare occasion when someone is in a state of excruciating discomfort, they still know we are there to assist them in getting to a better place, and they express a positive attitude of gratitude for it.

This may sound like ra-ra bubble gum pie in the sky positivity mindset nonsense, but I’m twenty five years in, that’s over 9000 days. The office is a positive place, and I’m excited to be there.

I’ll tell you what brought this topic up today. I’m a subscriber to nearly zero social media, except Twitter. I’ve had an account there for over 15 years but I’ve not been active much the past 6 years or so. Last week I checked in to see what topics were being discussed. Mind you, I don’t follow that many chiropractors, so tweets are coming from people of other backgrounds.

It went like this: It’s the worst week ever. It’s the worst day ever. I don’t understand these idiots. Explain it to me like I’m five years old. People are clearly not happy at work, on the road, at home, or wherever they’re at in life.

No surprise to you I’m sure, and perhaps I was a bit off to think a general population of people had gained a positive outlook on life since the last time I checked in. It’s like eating a fast food hamburger (rare occasion for me) and quickly being reminded how toxic and empty of substance it is. Problem is, the more often you consume it, the less sensitive you become to its ill effects.

Back to us being positive as a profession. I’m a different person after twenty five years in practice. Much of that is thanks to you, my colleagues, my mentors, the patients I serve. I see chiropractors every day. I vacation with chiropractors, go to conferences with chiropractors, have lunch and laugh with chiropractors. You’re a pretty positive group to hang around with, and it’s contagious.

On the topic of lunch, in all my years in practice I don’t think I’ve had less than a two and a half hour lunch break (it’s currently 3 1/2 hours), and that’s only 2 times a week. Another chiropractor and I frequently laugh about who’s had a better midweek noontime nap. I only come in for three hours the other days, it’s been that way for many years.

I know I’m not alone. As chiropractors, we love being in the office, and we love being out of the office, am I right? I’m not going to get into the no drugs, no surgery, no chemicals, nothing artificial added aspect of our profession here, I’ll save that for another day.

For now, take a moment and join me to congratulate yourself on making what was likely one of the best decisions of your life, you chose a positive attitude profession.


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