New Beginnings Student Fund

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Something I have long loved about the New Beginnings chiropractic philosophy events taking place in New Jersey is their commitment to chiropractic students. While I was attending a speakers luncheon on Saturday, cards were handed out in support of the student fund. I grabbed a photo of the card, so that chiropractors wanting to participate in helping current and future chiropractic students get more chiropractic philosophy, could get info on becoming involved.

New Beginnings Student Fund New JerseyHelp Support Chiropractic Students

The student committee helps support students to attend New Beginnings. This feed s the lifeblood of chiropractic and ensures that vitalistic principle based chiropractic will stay alive in our colleges. Supporters commit a minimum of one office visit per month between New Beginnings programs.

For those chiropractors or individuals interested in supporting students and the future of chiropractic, you can get more information about the New Beginnings Student Fund at 732-747-4646.

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings Student Fund”

  1. As amazing as it sounds to some of us, chiropractic philosophy is not taught at every chiropractic college anymore. This and other funds like it may be some students only exposure to the essence of what chiropractic is.

    This is all the more important at a time where we as a profession are trying to define ourselves.

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