Patient Education

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

As many of you know last month I moved into a much larger office. I loved my old office but it just wasn’t big enough. I included a separate room for patient education in this office. I never had a room designated for this purpose in any of my previous offices. The room is set up like a classroom and has about 15 chairs in it. In the front of the room I have a white board, a spine and a TV/DVD combo. I use the room to show the patients the videos that I show them on the first visit and during their first re-exam and I use it for my new patient lecture which I happen to call my Doctor’s Report.

I can’t overemphasize the importance of doing a new patient lecture. How else are they going to have the opportunity to make the choice to include chiropractic care in their lives for the rest of their lives. True no matter what you say or how you say it a small percentage of people just won’t get it but don’t use those folks as an excuse to stop telling all of your patients the whole truth. I feel like I have a moral obligation to present our case as most effectively as I possible can to all the patients in my practice. I don’t apologize for this. I don’t make excuses for using their time. I don’t discount the importance of this lecture. This lecture can change their lives and hopefully will. I can’t down play the importance of this opportunity. Giving this message to the patients is probably the most important service that I can provide for them. They can always find another person, even if it is not me, to adjust them and they will make sure they always get adjusted and get their family adjusted if they understood the importance of the care. Every time someone “gets it” I know that I have made a lifetime care patient or made my best attempt to. Luckily most of them choose my office to receive the care they now know they need so that is the selfish part of it. I would rather spend my days taking care of people who choose to get adjusted for a lifetime rather than fixing “bad backs” and having the patients leave the office as soon as their pain does. I have to set the stage to create a practice like this.

Having a room designated for this purpose demonstrates to the patients how much importance I that I place on patient education. They are in a safe place where they can question their old belief system without being bothered by people walking through the room or the phone ringing or late patients looking at their watches hoping that I finish quickly so they can get adjusted at the end. I walk in the room, close the door and take the time and energy to present to them the choice – chiropractic.

Please create a time and an appropriate place to do the same in your practice. The more times we tell the story of Chiropractic and the more people who understand, the larger the pool of potential patients will be for all of us. If the knew what you know then they will do what you do.

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