My stats for January

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Monday Morning Message…

I just figured out my stats for January. I had my best January since I’ve been in practice. I had my fourth highest month ever. The reason I mention this is not only to brag but I tell you in hope that my success will motive your success. January is generally not one of my best months, at least I used to think. I guess it is easier to believe otherwise now that I have evidence that it doesn’t have to be one of my worst months of the year. My point is that after you are in practice for a while you start making all of these judgements on how things should go and that we usually have these prophecies become self fulfilling prophecies. Some beliefs about our practice and ourselves propel us forward but some of them limit us.

My first mentor in Chiropractic was my Uncle Howard. I would call him early in practice when I would doubt myself. He would always help center me. We all need people in our lives who do this for us. Anyway I called him one day when I was not having a good day. I hadn’t had a new patient all day and I was slow enough to be wondering why I was so slow. I got on the phone and started to tell him my tale of woe. He cut me off pretty quick because he had to brag about his practice. He told me that he already had several new patients that day and he didn’t know where they were coming from. Then he told me that he had a packed house for his last new patient orientation and that he was having the best year in practice even though he was in practice for 25+ years. I couldn’t wait to get off the phone. After I made an excuse to get off the phone I sat in the back room and I was stewing.. I didn’t want to hear that – at all. I wanted some sympathy or at least some empathy. I had a whole list of things that was wrong with that conversation and with him. Instead of being mad at the CA’s or patients (I was convinced it was about them before I called him) now I was mad at him.

Then it hit me and I actually stopped and laughed out loud. I was obviously ready to get over my pity party or I wouldn’t have chosen him to call. I would have chosen someone who would have agreed with me and would have been able to play I can top that with negative stories about the weather or the road work outside their office or their CA’s or patients. That conversation would have not served me. My Uncle Howard served me that day. I felt bad about those bad things that I thought about him just a few minutes earlier and got up from behind my desk and went back to work. I worked even harder. I realized that the bump in the road was temporary and I had no more time to waste because I had a lot of work to do. I have God’s work to do.

Pick your friends and your phone calls wisely.

Love, Sharon

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