Sciatica, Software, and Seminars

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Somewhere on this blog I’ve mentioned all the postcards my chiropractic office gets throughout the week. Postcards, like this digital pedometer postcard from Dr. Steve Visentin are fairly popular, but the ones that come to my office are mostly from suppliers and vendors of chiropractic merchandise.

There is a stack on my desk that are heading to the shredder. Among them are 2008 seminar dates for a physiotherapy and chiropractic technique review taking place in Bakersfield, California. Event is $235 and takes place November 8 and December 6. A chiropractor named Bridget Bonnet is putting on this approved for 12 hours re-licensing seminar and you can get more information by calling 661-325-6325.

There is a personal injury seminar taking place in Pasadena on October 18 and Laguna Hills on November 13. It’s a one-day 12 hours relicensing event that involves four hours focused on narrative report writing, four hours of technique for auto injury trauma patients, and four hours of impairment rating. For those in the world of personal injury and auto collisions this looks like he could be a fairly good event. Contact number on the postcard is for attorney Steven Eggleston in Huntington Beach, California. Call 714-962-5205 for more information.

The chiropractic seminars database features a number of chiropractic events taking place throughout the world but oftentimes these seminars appearing on postcards have not yet been listed (likely because they don’t know about the free service – even though it’s been available nearly 10 years).

One more chiropractic seminar postcard I received is from chiropractor Michael Sladich and a review and workshop taking place in Bakersfield, Buena Park, and Pasadena. Not much details on what’s taking place at the events other than x-ray and technique review. Those interested can get more information by calling 661-325-6300.

A postcard for Chiro8000 chiropractic software (what’s being called patient relationship software) is also on my desk. This comes from a company called Forte Systems which is based California. We use some version of their software in my office but I’m honestly not sure which one. It’s nothing to be excited about. Postcard looks cool though with them announcing version 12 of this practice management and billing software. Those interested to get more information by calling them at 800-456-2622. Tell them Dr. Mike an ADIO chiropractic in Los Angeles should be getting new software so he can review and write about an online.

I mentioned sciatica in the title and I just realized in the stack was not a sciatica postcard but an order form for the world’s thinnest wallet. I tell every patient that comes to my office to get their wallet out of their back pockets. It is my opinion that no more than a few credit cards or a small amount of cash be kept in someone’s back pocket. Condoms leave a funny ring on your jeans if you’re not using them regularly and sitting on your butt all the time. So I don’t recommend keeping those in your back pocket either.

No offense, but the last thing a chiropractor needs is one more piece of junk to be selling in their office. But in fairness the toll-free number for the world’s thinnest wallet is 800-642-2226. It’s my experience that selling sucks but maybe you’d want to order these in bulk and give them out as gifts in the upcoming holiday season.

While I’m clearing the desk of postcards and now brochures, I may as well get some of these fliers off of my desk too. The California Chiropractic Association has two brown bag teleseminars taking place in October on the seventh and the 14th. Both are related to Medicare and they are presented by Linda Coltrin. For more information call 916-648-2727 and ask for extension 141 or 120.

There is a fax on my desk from Automated Data Systems Inc. which is a full-service claims processing company that handles outsourced billing for chiropractic offices. I’ve used them over the years and have been real happy with their service. Call Paul Rothwell at 877-746-4237 and tell Michael Dorausch from sent you. Great company for those that don’t want to do billing in-house.

That is seven items off my desk, I am open to receive abundance and prosperity. 🙂