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The first step of buying or selling chiropractic equipment starts here.

Listings are free to post! We’ve been mtching buyers and sellers for decades.  Tens of thousands of listings from countries all over the planet.  be sure to read our insights about how to safely buy or sell in the internet.

"The nervous system holds the key to the body's incredible potential to heal itself."
- Sir Jay Holder
"There is no effect without a cause. Chiropractors adjust causes. Others treat effects."
- B.J. Palmer
“Find the subluxation. Accept it where you find it. Correct it. Leave it alone.”
- Dr. Clarence Gonstead
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Use Common Sense When Shopping Classifieds

Every week we hear about this particular scam.  Over the years, we’ve developed a respect for the people who run this racket.  They keep doing it.  Year after year.  And in spite of our warnings, doctors keep falling for it.  Consider yourself warned. The typical scenrio: Doctor recieves an inquiry.  Perhaps asking if it is sold or how much.  Seller gets excited to have a buyer…  Buyer is out of town and offers to pay by cashiers check.   Buyer sends a check or certified check or cashiers check for more than the agreed upon sales price.  The extra money for their agent  to arrange shipping or pickup, and you pay the agent. Typical outcome: You cash the check, the check is fraudulent even though it appears to be a real cashiers check on a real bank.  You pay the agent. 

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