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Digital Pedometer Postcard from Dr. Steve V

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Colorado chiropractor, Dr. Steve Visentin, has mailed me another great postcard that was being sent to his practice members in the Denver area. I liked a lot of things about this postcard, but I especially liked the offer for a FREE pedometer. This is a win-win for everyone. A digital pedometer is great for helping someone keep track of their walking or running steps and getting to watch a friend or relative receive a chiropractic adjustment helps to educate those about chiropractic care.

The postcard is on extra-large stock so it would not appear properly in a blog post. I have cropped the important image from the back of the card and I also selected one of the six testimonials appearing on the front of the card. If you’re interested, you can view a full-size version of the postcard front here and back here.

If you want to see the postcard in its full-size look for the links above. The image above shows a cropped image featuring the pedometer. The text reads…

This Month’s Special

You will receive a free pedometer when a friend and/or relative watches your next adjustment. Pedometers count steps taken and approximate distances walked. Supplies are limited so come in SOON!

Get into Great Shape with Chiropractic!

These aren’t the first postcards featured from Dr. Steve. There is this postcards marketing post, and this automobile accident checklist (which was designed to be mailed as a postcard). I’ve been fortunate to spend a significant amount of time conversing with Dr. Visentin at conferences (like this Anaheim conference) and we’ve worked together during chiropractic missions to countries other than the U. S.

chiropractic postcard testimonial

The front of the postcard featured six different testimonials from chiropractic patients. Dr. Steve uses some really nice photographs and his marketing materials have always appeared to be top notch. The image here shows one of those six testimonials appearing on the front of the card. Again, check the links above, if you want to see the card in its full widescreen size.

I did not talk to Dr. V. about prices on Pedometers, but I found many resources online for bulk pedometer sales. I found wholesale pedometers advertised from $1.19 and up. I also found a number of different brands (such as Omron Pedometers or Bodytronics Pedometers) being sold in quantities ranging from 25 per order to 10,000 or more. Several companies also offered custom branding on pedometers.

In my opinion this is a great marketing technique for businesses other than chiropractors. Pedometers can be a great giveaway at marathons, 5K and 10K events, fitness businesses, health minded restaurants, and any other number of businesses wanting to portray a message of better health to their customers and clientele.

Thanks Dr. V. for sharing with us another great postcard from your chiropractic practice.



  1. Great to hear another chiropractic office is using this idea. Seems like a fine way to keep people motivated on simple exercises like walking.

  2. A few of my patients are working on losing weight. What a great tool to give them. Set some daily goals, increase them each week. Nice idea.

  3. Pedometers are definitely a great tool. They really help with the motivation to get out and get more movement in your life.

    My experience with pedometers (and believe me, I’ve got a lot!) is that the cheapies (like the one pictured on the postcard) are not accurate and will not last very long. The unit pictured is the same one Kellogg’s put in their Special K boxes a year or two ago.

    I find a higher-quality pedometer is a better motivator because its more accurate and it lasts longer. Plus, I think it gives a better impression of the giver 🙂


  4. @Dr. Suzanne Frye: That is a great idea. I’m thinking about it myself for my LA office.

    @Pedometers: Looks like you’ve got a good resource. I didn’t know there were GPS Pedometers on the market. May be contacting you for follow up post.

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