Thoughts on naming your business

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I am attending a chiropractic conference in Phoenix today and I’ve received dozens of business cards since I’ve been here.

Checking some cards and viewing some online listings I’ve had some thoughts on naming offices, particularly chiropractic practices. Some common names I’ve seen include: Chiropractor Nutrition Center, Chiropractic Health Clinic, Chiropractic Life Center, and Chiropractor Center. Great to see offices using the term ‘chiropractic’ in the office name but many of these names could be better.

Some of the better names I’ve seen for businesses included locally based information such as: Oxnard Chiropractic Center, Merritt Island Chiropractic, Nelson Chiropractor, and Chiropractic Life Center Tempe.

I like the idea of including surnames (branding) into the office but it’s important to remember you’ll be tied to that name, if it is your last name. Examples I saw today include Rossiter Chiropractic, Grimm Chiropractic, Aaron Chiropractic, Belson Chiropractic Center, and Pollas Chiropractic.

I also like the location based offices as you’ll typically only see one of those in each town. If I was the first in a community I’d consider naming my office based on it’s location. Examples include Fargo Chiropractic, Bayville Chiropractic, San Francisco Spinal Center, and Vassar Chiropractic.

Take some time to research what’s out there before you decide on a name for your office. Some questions to ask yourself include: is there a domain available that matches my office name? Will it be easy to brand my office in my community? Will it be easy to brand my office online? This last one may take some effort but it’s well worth the input to find out what’s already out there. While there are a dozen or so offices with the name ADIO Chiropractic, you find it difficult to get the name to rank well in an internet search. Same applies if your choosing a name that includes something like Atlas, Discover, or Wellness.

What’s the name of your chiropractic business?