6 Card Monday

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Here are six different chiropractic business cards from two chiropractors I know quite well. Five of them belong to Dr. Steve Visentin (related Dr V posts include couples massage workshop, digital pedometer postcards, and automobile accident checklist) and the one on top left corner belongs to California chiropractor, Ralph Andrade.

6 Card Monday

Dr. Ralph’s card reads “Live, Laugh, Love” followed by the name of his practice, Andrade Chiropractic, and the office phone number, which is 209-832-1996. The back of the card is not shown in the above photograph but there are large black letters that read Be Thankful!

Dr. Steve shared a number of his business cards when a group of us were in Arizona recently. The two cards showing pictures of Dr. Steve were both taken inside his chiropractic office. He has large murals on the wall and he had custom-made signs developed that fit his practice philosophy. The one on the left reads “Body Work Ahead” and it’s fairly easy to see in the above photo. The card in the upper right hand corner reads “Drug-Free Zone” which includes an image of two people walking and a message below that says “Healing Is Always an inside Job.”

The business card below that is in Spanish and the text at the top reads EXAMEN GRATIS. The card below that reads “After years of neglect, aligning your spine will take time. Give yourself time to heal. As you realize you’re feeling better, decide to correct your spine as fully and completely as possible. Be consistent with care, because your health depends on it.”

The last card on the bottom left is written in Ethiopian. I didn’t get a chance to ask doctor V. what that card said but I’m assuming you have something to do with receiving an evaluation with presentation of the card. I think it’s great to see a chiropractor taking such steps to better serve people within a community.

Got cool chiropractic business cards? Send me a photo (or link to a photo in the comments) and maybe I’ll get a post written about it. The two chiropractors mentioned above are great individuals and I feel confident recommending either one of them for anyone that may be seeking care in their areas.

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  1. A folding business card that converts into a “time of next appointment” card is a clever way to remind patients of their next appointment.

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