Social Media Follow up Magic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

In our interconnected world, the actions one takes online (after meeting someone face-to-face), can make the difference between another tossed aside business card and a potentially valuable relationship.

In October, I mentioned how I was at an event with around 130 other people in the chiropractic industry, and the secret marketing opportunities that were lost. For someone who loves networking, it was a disappointing experience.

While having breakfast with a group of friends yesterday, I was engaged in my usual online activities (all those years of table manners my mom taught me are down the drain) which included checking out what my friends online were submitting to various social media websites. I listened and participating in conversation amongst my friends while digging, sphinning, commenting, and voting on a number of different social media sites.

After breakfast, I overheard a guy sitting just one person away from me talking about a social media site called Digg. I introduced myself and he told me his name was Elmer. He mentioned he’d noticed some of the web sites I had been visiting and it turned out we already knew each other online, as I had been voting and commenting on some of his articles posted to various sites.

Elmer I had my camera, so I took his photo, just in case a situation came up or I would need it (Note to self: always bring camera) and then I had to leave to meet with someone regarding an editors position on this website. I checked out his very cool thembid web site later in the day and revisited a gimp related article I’d read on his blog months ago.

It wasn’t until this morning that I checked my e-mail and had this message…

Hello Mike,

It was a great pleasure meeting you at the METal meeting. I am excited to work with you. Please let me know if there is anything you need help with.

I have added to my feed reader. Are there any other blogs that you contribute to?

Here are the websites I mentioned to you:

Rubicon Project (I find this useful for managing contacts and relationships)

Oh, and… digg it!

With Best Regards,
Elmer Thomas, CEO

Here are some things I think Elmer did incredibly well…

  1. showed enthusiasm
  2. offered to help
  3. subscribed to my blog
  4. made a detailed comment on my blog
  5. inquired about other blogs
  6. shared four resources that he’s found are helpful
  7. submitted one of my articles to a popular social media site

Instead of plugging his website or services (Elmer created a great tool for people that frequently use Digg) he focused on what value he could offer me. In this emerging world of social media savviness, actions taken like those mentioned above, are a perfect example of someone who understands the benefits of helping others.

What else do you think Elmer did that others infrequently do? What actions would you recommend people take to show their social media savviness?

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