October Intensive Marketing Event Includes Call Tracking

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

On October 25, 2008 planetchiropractic.com will be hosting a search marketing intensive exclusively focused on lead generation for chiropractors. The event information is posted here and time is running out for those that are not yet registered.

The graph to the left shows leads per day for a chiropractic office based in Los Angeles County California (it’s not my chiropractic office).

At the event we will be covering eight hours of powerful secrets that are enabling some chiropractors to to attract massive amounts of new patients online.

This is not theory but actual stuff that’s been working Monday through Friday for more than three years.

It doesn’t involve PPC and it doesn’t involve having to own a website or chiropractic blog.

That chart shows 43 answered leads for the month of September 2008. That is one chiropractic office getting 43 phone calls from one piece of marketing being done online. It’s amazingly simple stuff that requires no e-mailing or list building, potential clients simply call the office and schedule appointments.

We’ve been working with chiropractors throughout the United States and Canada and some of the results are staggering. 42 new patients in 20 days for a single office, 120 new clients in 90 days for a single office, 3 new personal injury cases booked in two days (again for a single office).

There is a huge pool of potential patients wanting to come to your office, we are going to show you how to be where they’re looking. As it stands right now, someone in your community is probably stealing your new patients. We have the proof, we have the call reports, we have the patient follow-up reports. People want chiropractic care they want it now, not next Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

Are you content with the level of new patients you see each month? Would you like to add an additional resource that can drive new clients to your office? Would you like to do it in a way that is not cheesy or unethical?

Come spend eight hours with us in Lancaster, California (in a chiropractic office recently doing over a thousand visits per week) and tap into a resource that’s barely tapped by small-business owners in America.

Check the event details and register online. See you on October 25th!

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  1. Kudos for a great article Dr. Michael. The idea of lead generation seems to absent from the thinking of most chiropractors. Yet, it should always be the start of an effective chiropractic marketing funnel.

    Thumbs up on being a cheerleader here,
    Todd Brown

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