70 Comments on Chiropractors Blog Post

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s been 30 days since my Cinco de Mayo chiropractors post. I talked about all the business cards I’d been receiving and other contact information I was getting from chiropractors when attending conferences throughout the United States. So far the post has been a great success and I noticed today there were 70 comments. One of the nice results of the post has been my ability to send the URL as a reply when chiropractors e-mail me about getting listed in one of our chiropractic Web directories.

So it looks like we’ve got some chiropractors to feature in the news. I’ll be skipping my office in Los Angeles for now and focusing on the other chiropractors that added their information to the blog post. If you posted a comment on the chiropractors post (blog post is here) Watch Your E-Mail because Planet Chiropractic will be contacting you with questions about your office so that authors can begin writing your story.

East Coast chiropractors

6 chiropractors at a conference on the East Coast

Chiropractors on deck for featured articles include: Dr. Suzanne Frye of Lancaster, California, Dr. Jeffrey Garofalo of Bolingbrook, Illinois, Dr. Neil Stern from Weatherford, Texas, Dr. John Reardon of Huntington Beach, California, Dr. Michael Corey of Tustin California, Dr. Ruminder Birk of Vaughan, Ontario, Dr. Lawrence Clayman of Seattle, Washington, Dr. Steven Hansen of Elk Grove California, Dr. Carolyn Griffin of Canyon Country, California, Dr. Luis Ocon of Salinas, California, Dr. Douglas Ferguson from Elk Grove California, and Dr. Michael Renfer of Lima, Peru.

We will be contacting all of the chiropractors listed so far so watch those e-mail inboxes for questions about your practice. If you see your name or office on the list above for your information is already listed on the chiropractors blog post, please begin taking some photographs around the office so that they can be e-mailed to us when we need them for your article. To see some examples, take a look at some of the chiropractic office photos posted on this blog.

Thanks to everyone that is participating in this project. I’m looking forward to 70 plus new stories appearing in Planet Chiropractic news, about some of the world’s great chiropractors. Woo Hoo!