Bag of Bones Anatomical Plastic Chiropractic Keychains

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I had three different chiropractors call me (actually they called my staff and I haven’t called them back) during the past week regarding ordering plastic spine keychains ( <–see the ones we use for ADIO chiropractic here) for chiropractic offices. There were some chiropractors that had called me the week before that as well, so I figure they must be looking for these custom-made keychains online, and not finding the information for ordering.

I believe there are several companies making the custom molded plastic keychains but I did find the information for the company that I ordered my keychains from. The company is Anatomical Models International and they’ve  moved recently. Their address is: 15 Hargrove Lane, Suite 1-D, Palm Coast, Fl 32137. You can call them toll-free at 877-208-9372.

They sent me a flyer around the holidays, but I have not yet put in my order for 2009. I scanned the price sheet they sent me even though the rates listed say they are intended specifically for existing customers. I’m sure if you call them and mentioned seeing their information on they’d be willing to give you some kind of special. Personally, I would put the name of your office and your phone number (or maybe your web site and your phone number) and order a large quantity. Plan on ordering at least 500 and see what kind of rate it would give you one 1000. Our last order of keychains went quickly and patients really enjoyed them.


Use the image from above to get address information, phone information, and an idea of your best scenario price sheet. They have different styles of printing available. On a brochure I received for personalized spine key tags they showed three different images. I like promoting companies that create good products and offer good services to chiropractors so I posted a PDF copy of the brochure here. Download it if you want more information or just call the number above for a sales representative.

Again, the style of keychain I used in my office can be seen here.