Timely On-Topic Content Can Bump Your Traffic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Writing articles and blog posts on timely topics can increase traffic to your blog or web site. The advantage here is that if you’re getting information out in a timely fashion, you will increase your odds of having your content sourced, by other blogs and news media web sites, thus increasing the potential for inbound links to your content.

Here are two screenshots of a classified newspaper advertising related article, which was posted about an hour ago.

newspaper industry timely content clipThis first image is from a Google search for the term “newspaper industry.” Thanks to the utilization of Google’s universal search, it appeared in position number 4 in Google’s organic search results.

While there are five related articles appearing in the screenshot, only one news source provided an image, providing that news agency a slight advantage.

newspaper industry classified newsThe second screen image is taken from Google News search results for the same keyword phrase (newspaper industry). Again, we see use of the same image being incorporated into news results, giving the web site a strategic advantage for inbound traffic.

It is very important that the information provided in the article is high quality, is reported in a timely fashion, and is of value to readers, if one is to expect return traffic.

In this particular case (as the author of the news article), I have nearly a decade of experience in online advertising, and I feel confident that my perspective on the topic is valuable to a number of people following the industries of print classified advertising and online classified advertising.

Achieving these results on a weekly or even daily basis, can be difficult at first. But with persistency, small publishing web sites can achieve rewarding results, such as Planet Chiropractic does.