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10 Business Card Chiropractor Saturday

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m at a chiropractor conference in Tempe Arizona (big ASU game going on today next door to hotel I’m at) and I’ve already received a stack of new business cards from chiropractors across the country. Lot’s of docs have figured out that when they give me new cards I often post the info when it’s fresh stuff or something I really like. This morning a chiropractor in Columbia Illinois gave me a stack of 10 Chiropractic Business Cards, he’s ready to roll for 2010!

chiropractor laurie robert mestdaghDr. Laurie Robert Mestdagh and his 2010 business cards

Dr. Laurie didn’t have just one card, he had ten different styles, all wrapped together in a rubber band, and ready to hand out to other chiropractors visiting from throughout the US and Canada. Colorado Chiropractor Steve Visentin gave me a stack of cards in the past, but I think Laurie has outdone him with a “10-pack.”

mestdaghchiropracticofficeFree Exam Chiropractic Business Card

I like the traditional Red White and Blue Free Exam cards chiropractors hand out. I’m not certain if every state allows chiropractors to promote Free Chiropractic Exams or Free X-Ray Exams so I’d recommend checking your state laws before creating such a card.

Other chiropractors have had good things to say about Dr. Mestdagh and I can tell you he rocks with his adjusting skills. Office is located at 1550 North Main Street, Columbia, IL 62236 and you can get more info about his office at

It’s not the first time I’ve gotten marketing materials from Dr. Laurie, he’s shared tons of chiropractic brochures, flyers, motivational postcards, and other stuff with me over the years. You never know when chiropractor contact info will get posted here, but it’s unlikely to happen if I don’t recieve anything.

While I’m on the topic of postcards and chiropractors, I’m hoping to get some more chiropractic holiday postcards for 2009 so I can share them here. Made something creative for the holidays or the new year? If so, get a contact address and send it along, I’d love to check out and share what you’ve got.


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