Chiropractors Saying Nice Things about Their Colleagues

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was going through a stack of papers from some chiropractic seminars I had been attending and was about to throw them out when I found a few handwritten chiropractic testimonials written by fellow DCs.

Before I recycle the paper they are authored on I figured I’d post them here since they are really good. If someone had written testimonials like this about my chiropractic office I’d love to be seeing them online.

The first one comes from Dr. Laurie Mestdagh and it is written about Pleasanton chiropractor Dr. Michael Gabrielson.

Listen, don’t gamble with your health. If you need a chiropractor in California, use the best and call Dr. Mike Gabrielson. I would and I’ve been in practice for over 25 years.

The next testimonial is also for Dr. Michael Gabrielson and it’s authored by chiropractor Richard Rosenberg in Winnipeg Manitoba.

If you are looking for the best chiropractor in the Pleasanton area, call Dr. Michael Gabrielson. He is totally committed to your health, and he would love to help you. – Dr. Richard Rosenberg (a friend and colleague for more than 15 years)

The following testimonial comes from Dr. George Khoury in Livermore, California and it’s written about Dr. John Reardon in Huntington Beach.

I am often on the road lecturing on high-performance training in regards to health. I get many opportunities to meet many doctors, as well as patients, all over the United States.

I can truly say it’s a pleasure to work with wonderful doctors such as Dr. John Reardon. I find him to be warm and compassionate as well is exceptionally knowledgeable on the science art and philosophy of chiropractic. Patients should feel like they are in great hands when they choose Dr. John Reardon as their doctor.

Here is another chiropractor written testimonial for Dr. Reardon in Huntington Beach.

Referring a patient to another chiropractor is never easy. Knowing Dr. John since school I would trust him with my own family. He is an asset to the chiropractic profession and I know my patients would be in good hands. – Dr. Adam Church, Connecticut

I liked that last one by Dr. Church. It really is never easy finding a good chiropractor for one’s existing clients. Most people probably don’t realize what we go through when trying to find a suitable referral for someone we may have been providing chiropractic care to, that’s moving away, were traveling out of the area for a long period of time.

Chiropractors and potential patients are welcome to browse the local chiropractor listings for chiropractic resources in their area. If you know a good chiropractor in your part of town, I’d like to hear about them.