Guerilla Chiropractic Marketing: Cards

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was recently handed three very different chiropractic business cards for the office of California Lancaster Chiropractor, Dr. Suzanne Frye. Earlier this week there was a business card post, and the topic, along with photos, has been covered several times in the past.

These cards I’m about to share are unique, and I have included lots of photos. I scanned them on my new duplex scanner (ScanSnap) and I also took some photos. The cards are intended for chiropractors, but they can certainly stimulate lots of ideas for people engaged in other businesses that require the use of business cards. Lets check them out.

the laws of inner Health

The photo above shows all three cards and the fronts read The Laws of Inner Health, The Secret to a Stress-Free Life, and The Secret to a Healthy Life. Now let’s look at the back of the cards…

headaches back pain neck pain

The backs of these cards are symptom based meaning they mention things like Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Whiplash, and Carpal Tunnel. All the cards also include the office phone number and mention a free consultation. Some chiropractors don’t like marketing symptoms so they may choose to modify their approach on the card backs.

Next we are going to look at the insides of the cards. This is what I liked about them the most, and why I took the time to scan, photograph and share them with you. The first card that we’re going to look at on the inside reads The Secret to a Healthy Life on the front. Here is what is on the inside…

The front of the next card reads The Secret to a Stress-Free Life! Here is a look at the inside of that card…

set financial goals

The inside of that card reads Set Financial Goals, Set Spiritual Goals, Set Family Goals, Set Health Goals. I think that’s a really cool card that could be handed out by a number of different business types. In fact, I think most small businesses could apply a similar card design for their specific marketing needs.

The last card was loaded with great information. The front reads The Laws of Inner Health. Here is a look at the inside of that card (each of these cards folds open in case you hadn’t noticed)…

replenish your supply

I’m reproducing the bullet points on that card in case for some reason you cannot view the image above.

  • Replenish your supply of Spiritual Wealth.
  • Adopt a resilient attitude to life.
  • Control your emotional distress.
  • Make your spiritual investments pay off.
  • Choose to be happy.
  • Stay adjusted.
  • Avoid a sense of false prosperity.
  • Take the fear out of the unknown.
  • Express gratitude with positive actions.
  • Steer clear of doubts and fears.
  • Treasure and protect spiritual abundance.

Talk of spiritual abundance, prosperity, gratitude, and choosing to be happy may make some feel uncomfortable which the results in the feeling that these types of cards would not be right for them. If that’s the case in your situation, then that’s the case, there is not much you can do about it.

For those that get juiced up, motivated, energized, or enthused by reading material like this, cards like this may be the perfect solution for your small business. I’ve talked before about the importance of handing out cards and these could just be the ticket.

Cards like these are probably not too expensive to create, and they are of the type that people will carry around for a long time. I get hundreds upon hundreds of business cards from people in all sorts of industries (don’t we all), and I liked these a lot more than many I’ve received. I particularly love statements like express gratitude with positive actions and choose to be happy.

Thanks to Frye Chiropractic in Lancaster California for sharing this guerrilla chiropractic marketing tip. If you have any great business card ideas, feel free to share.