Chiropractic and Wellness Gold Card

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I spent some time hanging out with other chiropractors recently in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was attending a chiropractic seminar at the prestigious Arizona Biltmore Hotel (what a spectacular place) and while I was there I collected a bunch of chiropractic business cards and postcards so that I could share them with you online.

chiropractic gold card Atlantis chiropracticI love hanging out with other positive thinking business minded individuals and the chiropractors who were at the Biltmore are top-notch. A Toronto chiropractor, Dr. Ruminder Birk, handed me the Chiropractic Gold Card that is shown here. The business card is cut, colored, and shaped like a credit card, and it looks real snappy. Lots of us share each other’s ideas and work to improve on them so we both laughed when I mentioned the similarity to a chiropractic gold card I had created a couple of years ago, which you can see on this page: Practicing in Los Angeles Looking at both cards now, the Canadian chiropractors card looks better. Great to see someone’s taking ideas and improving on them. I took a picture of the back of the card and it definitely looks better than the original card I created. I leaned it up on the counter in front of some of my plainer ADIO Chiropractic cards as the flash on my Casio Exilm kept appearing to bright in the photos when I held the card in my hand.

computerized spinal examOn the back of the card where the credit card magnetic strip would be is an offer for a free computerized spinal evaluation. The office address is listed, along with some brief landmark descriptions, and there’s also phone, fax and e-mail address. It appears that someone invested some time in designing this card. The result is terrific and creative chiropractic business card that has people saying “this is a great card!” Way to go Atlantis Chiropractic (located in Toronto, Canada).