Chiropractors Internet Report August 2007

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Nice to have a big fat wireless WiFi connection when staying at hotels. Comes in super handy when you want to power up your Ubuntu Dell XPS (Windows crashed) and browse the net with friends and business colleagues. Interacted with dozens of chiropractors from the United States and Canada this past few days and I received lots of website related feedback from chiropractors that have a presence on the Web.

Was talking to Dr. George Khoury (today was his 40th birthday) who practices Chiropractic in Livermore and he was saying his office does not get a tremendous amount of traffic from the Internet. Livermore California is home to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory, two large and renowned science and technology centers. While there’s lots of techie people working Livermore, broadband use in the community has apparently not grown as much as it has in other California areas.

One California chiropractor that has noticed a significant increase in people coming to his office by way of the Internet is Michael DeNapoli, a Pasadena chiropractor. One thing I noticed about Michael’s office is that it’s called Pasadena Family Chiropractic, that is something that can provide his business a boost online when people are seeking chiropractors in the California foothills area. Naming his office that way may be helping him in ways he doesn’t even realize, especially when on the topic of local search.

We cross the US and go to Butler, Pennsylvania with some feedback I received from Dr. Ram Parikh of Discover Chiropractic. I’ve been meaning to write an article about why it’s not a good idea to name a chiropractic office Discover Chiropractic, or Atlas Chiropractic, and I’ll hopefully address that topic in the next few days. Ram said that the Pennsylvania area he lives in (Butler) does not appear to be showing heavy Internet usage and as a result his web related new business is not as high as in other areas.

We travel back across the United States to Encinitas, California and some conversation I had with San Diego Chiropractor, Dr. John Michals of Michals Family Chiropractic. This West Coast surfer dude reported that Internet related visits to his office were on a significant rise. In talking to him briefly he told me that he believes the number of new people that have been coming to his chiropractic office has more than doubled in the past two months.

I was hoping to talk more with Jeanine Golden regarding Internet traffic reports for her Union chiropractic office, which is in New Jersey. What I find interesting about places like “Union” is that not all search engines are showing intelligence in differentiating places like the city of Union (located in New Jersey) and things such as the Teamsters Union (which can also be located in New Jersey). Don’t know if anyone would be specifically searching for a “union chiropractor” as in someone that belongs to the local 1895, but I’m sure if we attempted it we could build up a pretty big list of chiropractors that used to hold union membership when working in other careers.

I’ve got about 17 other states to cover but I’m still catching up from the weekends travels, Los Angeles X Games insanity, and a stiff back from allowing a bunch of kids to treat it as a diving board while in a hotel pool. Wish I had that on video, would have made a great “not to do” topic. Also, when I cover the “What to Name Your Chiropractic Office” topic I’ll post info here.