Getting Real About the Reality

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Last Saturday afternoon Armand Rossi did a two hour training session for Chiropractors in my office between my Open House for the patients and our Philosophy Night at the Hotel. The entire day was awesome. At the end of his talk he asked us if we had any questions and I tried to think of a good question to have him continue thinking. I like the way he thinks. Some people are Chiropractors and some Chiropractors are Chiropractic through and through and Armand is one of those, so I love to hear how he thinks things through.

My question was about retention. My practice is a new patient machine. New patients hasn’t been an issue for us in many years. Retention is another story. I believe that people should get adjusted for their whole life but according to my stats many of my patients don’t agree. If I had the kind of retention that I would like to have then I would never have to increase my new patient volume and would be seeing as many people as I would like to see. I thought his answer would have something to do with the office’s capacity. I always seem to focus on the capacity because it doesn’t matter how much of a burst of new patients we have the practice seems to consistently grow slow steadily over the years. I’m looking for a spurt. I want a huge growth spurt. I’m happy with what I got yet I want to do more.

Armand’s answer went something like this. He asked me how long have I been getting adjusted. Most of my life I replied. He said that he has been too. After going back and forth for a few minutes, I told him that I felt like my patient education system was very good and I was confused to why my patients don’t stay. I mean my retention stats are better than most people’s but not where I would like them to be. I told him that I lay things out for the patients very logically and they seem to agree with what I am saying while they are there but then a month or two down the road they seem to disappear.

He told me that I need to do more than that. Of course Chiropractic seems logical to me because I have been doing it so long but to them the Chiropractic reality is not real. I need to show them the urgency. I need to talk to them about what happens to a spine and a person who stays subluxated. I try so hard to not use fear as a motivator but he explained to me that most of the patients that come to me are motivated by fear and maybe I need to appeal to them where they are at. I guess I haven’t taken it so seriously if they don’t “get it” because I know that whether they get it or not, I will continue getting adjusted myself. I wouldn’t live without Chiropractic and I assume that they will draw the same conclusions that I have and do what I do. They aren’t coming from where I came from. I need to appeal to them where they live. I need to appeal to more than their head, I need to appeal to their heart and also to their survival instinct. To me Chiropractic is about survival.. The nervous system is about adapting and adapting is about quality and quantity of life. I’ve got to understand that whether they get it or not is a matter of life or death. They have got to get it too. This is not a casual set of understandings we are trying to impart on them. This is about their life. Twenty three years into this game I am still trying to get better at it. I hope you are too. It’s not about your retention stats, it about their life.

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