Matt Cutts Deserves Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Like many people involved in SEO, Matt Cutts is a hard-working individual. Matt works for Google and he is currently the head of the company’s website spam team. I suspect it’s not easy being the #2 Matt in the world (Matt Mullenweg of WordPress is #1) but that’s not likely the cause for Matts recently tweaked back.

Michael Dorausch Matt Cutts I had the opportunity to meet Matt just a few weeks ago while attending WordCamp in San Francisco. I wrote an article about the posture of some of the camps attendees (395 reasons for chiropractic care) as it’s been my experience that many people spending lots of time at computers are going to tweak their backs.

Here is a photo of myself (on the left) with Matt Cutts, taken by San Diego chiropractor, Dr. David Klein. Since Matt lives in Northern California, neither Dr. David nor myself could help him much, unless Matts employer wanted to fly one of us on a private jet up to Matts home for a house call. We’d be happy to provide chiropractic care to everyone at the Google Plex to make the trip worthwhile.

In all honesty, if I was going to refer to a chiropractor in the Google headquarters area, it would be Dr. Gavin Carr of Carr Chiropractic in Palo Alto. Had a blog post about him after my trip to San Francisco and just saw him myself personally, yesterday.

The most interesting thing about all of this is that this series of events that Matt mentions on his blog, leading up to his tweaked back, are actually very common events that lead up to a visit to a chiropractor.

The first event was work, lots of work. The second event was the in-laws coming to town for about a week. I’m not suggesting that in-laws are a cause but in my experience, visiting in-laws means cleaning the house (a common cause of tweaked backs), varied sleeping arrangements, a change in nutrition (we tend to eat more), and a general change in one’s daily routines. These are all factors that come together and set one up for the classic tweaked back.

Matt is already doing the Synergy thing, something I recommend to anyone working with multiple computers at one desk. Another recommendation for anyone doing heavy content creation is the use of voice dictation software. I know a lot of you have had bad experiences with various software in the past, but it’s gotten a lot better. (I used Dragon Dictate Naturally Speaking in creating this post)

Matt, and all the rest of you hard-working SEOs in the world, visit your local chiropractor and make an effort to take good care of your health!