Chiropractors Energy Drink

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractors tend to be healthy people and you’ll often hear us talking about things like nutrition, vitamins, chlorella, sea salts, exercise, and such. Sometimes people wonder if we ever eat candy, consume alcohol, or eat fast food.

It depends on the chiropractor, but most that I know of tend to limit activities such as eating fast food or consuming alcohol to weekend events, or sometimes only monthly events. This photo was taken outdoors at the Gordon Biersch on Mill Avenue in Tempe Arizona, and it’s proof that I’m living up to my commitment of celebrating Oktoberfest and not taking weekends too darn seriously. I don’t know what the nutritional value is but I figure it’s gotta be better than drinking a chemically formulated energy beverage.

gordon biersch Tempe Arizona

That’s a California chiropractor to my right (he is the cool Daddy-O) and we were both enjoying enjoying the Gordon Biersch seasonal brew. The beer was excellent, the weather in Tempe was excellent, the company by fine chiropractors from across the United States and Canada was excellent, and ASU won Saturday night’s college football game.

Whether you are a student, on business, or vacationing, the city of Tempe can be a fun place to visit!