chiropractic planet –

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s come to my attention that there are those on the Internet stuck in some sort of chiropractic dyslexia. While almost no one would ever notice entering the URL works just as easy as entering the term If you click on either one of those URLs you will have noticed that they both direct you to the homepage of Planet Chiropractic.

Funny thing is, when checking log files I discovered that some people type the domain using chiropractic first, where as the great majority (96.95437%) type planet first. I think even fewer people realize the domain they get directed to is (instead of or

The “c1” in planetc1 stands for the atlas, or first cervical vertebrae. Most chiropractors are familiar with that abbreviation but the real story behind the creation of the “c1” had very little to do with the bone at the top of one’s neck, and a lot more to do with the bones in my wrists. There was a time I wrote code for many hours of the day (late 1990s – early 2000s) and I got tired of writing the word chiropractic over and over again. In retrospect, I could have come up with some other solution but the shortened C1 version worked at the time.

So for all of you that are inadvertently typing chiropractic before planet versus planet before chiropractic, you’ll still get to the homepage. If that’s not confusing enough for you, try visiting and see where that takes you. HaHa.

I had a nice photo to share but it’s not uploading from where I’m at so I suppose it will have to wait.