2008 Year End Chiropractor Thank Yous

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There’s some cleaning up going on at the planetchiropractic world headquarters in Los Angeles, and I’m being thankful while going through files and documents from the years passed. There are lots of chiropractors to thank, but I like to do some shout outs on names and addresses from time to time. Your continued use of the site and your support is greatly appreciated, many thanks.

The little guy in the image above (n8) used to appear on the homepage of the planetc1site around January 2000. It’s one of thousands of images sitting on local hard drives. We actually took steps recently the move this and other content online, perhaps on the chiropractic media domain.

Saying thank you from planetchiropractic…

Dr. Robert Berry – Annabel Chiropractic Center – 316 East Main Street, Montour Falls, NY 14865 (607) 535-7080

Dr. David Phipps – Phipps Chiropractic Clinic – 100 North Cottonwood, #104 Richardson, TX 75080 (214) 437-5800

Dr. Steven Silk – Wiarton Family Chiropractic Centre – 417 Brown St., Wiarton, Ontario – Canada (519) 534-1330

Dr. Jamie Settimi – Settimi Chiropractic Center – 17800 West Bluemound Road – Brookfield, WI – (262) 789-0576

Dr. Walter Sanchez – 3826 W. 16th Ave., Hialeah, FL 33012 (305) 821-1800

Thanks also to all of the chiropractors who participated in the Cinco de Mayo May 5th chiropractors post earlier this year. The “meet a chiropractor” series came out of that post, and we still have chiropractic interviews to add to the news, thanks to all of the chiropractors that provided feedback.

Some of the chiropractors since the May 5 post were Danella Whittaker, Nick Baker, Scott Swanson of San Francisco, Nicholas Campos, Tim Swift, and others.

Thanks again everybody!

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