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By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Add another project to the to do Whiteboard list, is now owned and operated by Planet Chiropractic.

I’ve been thinking about a domain that would fit well for delivering chiropractic video’s, chiropractic audio, and chiropractic photos, and the term media popped up a few times. Turns out the previous owner of the domain was done with it, so making the acquisition was not a difficult task.

There are thousands of photos like this one (not that anyone wants my face on their chiropractic web site) that I’d like to upload to one location for other chiropractors to use.

For more than 10 years, we’ve been collecting images, audio recordings, and videos, most of which are still to be posted online.

I think a simple site with three separate categories would work great. In one section, visitors could browse through and download photos from chiropractic offices. In another section visitors could browse video clips, and either watch them on the site, or embed them into their own chiropractor web sites. From what I’ve been hearing over the years, audio would be available in two options. One method would be listening to it directly from the web site, and the other would be to download the files in MP3 format.

Seems like a pretty simple project but it’s one of those things we just have to get the ball rolling on. I’d much rather post all the photos we have, and offer them up with some kind of Creative Commons license, rather than people ripping them from here without permission.

Video I don’t care about so much, and I don’t notice many chiropractors posting audio to their sites or blogs, at least the stuff we’ve been creating over the years.

With advancements taking place on the Web, templates for audio, video, and images are a plenty. Now we just have to take some action.

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