Chiropractic Research For Cheerleaders

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Are NFL cheerleaders helping chiropractors raise money for research? I stumbled across an interesting eBay auction today (link below) for an Autographed Cheerleader Calendar (Washington Redskins) which is apparently listed in order to raise funds for the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER).

cheerleader October 2008The screenshot to the left shows a cheerleader modeling for the October 2008 section of the calendar (that’s my birthday).
The auction is open until April 9, 2008 and it already had one bid when I checked the page. According to the eBay listing, the calendar is for 2007 2008 and it features autographed photos of Washington Redskins cheerleaders. No mention of these cheerleaders receiving chiropractic care but maybe we will get a scoop on that for the news.

Yes, cheerleaders have been featured in chiropractic news before. It appears this eBay item is located in Norwalk Iowa and the seller is: foundationforchiropracticeducationandresearch. Shipping is $10 via UPS ground.

I don’t know if any chiropractors want to put a calendar like this up in their offices (maybe if it were a Raiders calendar), but the auction states that funds from the sale will go to supporting the FCER and I’m sure they’d appreciate financial support from most anyone in chiropractic practice.

Click on the screenshot below this link to view the auction in progress (ends April 9, 2008)

autographed cheerleader calendar