25 Chiropractic Pages URLs

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Chiropractors are expected to keep tabs on how many new patients their offices get each week, how many total visits the office had for the week, what were over-the-counter cash collections, etc. Keeping logs is extremely important for any business, and paying attention to what’s going on with your chiropractic website, is important as well.

Moments ago I took a screen shot of the top 25 pages accessed during the month of November. I won’t review all of them, but I’m going to highlight about 10 (out of the over 20,000 different pages accessed) pages. We look at log files for various reasons, I’ll get into a bit of that as well.

The information above may not make any sense to you, but it’s part of my November wrap up summary, and if you want to learn what people are searching for in the world of chiropractic, it will help to pay attention.

There was a lot of traffic to the planetchiropractic.com web site during the month of November. Traffic was double that of the month of October. Topping out the most pages visited were people checking out classified advertisements, followed by people reading chiropractic news articles. 3rd most popular pages were the chiropractic seminars and events, followed by a visit to the homepage.

So looking at the top four, we have classifieds, news, seminars, and the homepage. After that, there is lots of activity in search, visits to the information pages, more search queries, and finally the media pages. The fact that there are so many search queries going on tells us we have a considerable amount of work to do in organizing content so it’s easier to find. That’s an important reason enough to be checking your site log files.

Amongst featured articles, assessing the salary of a chiropractor, continues to be popular, and results in lots of e-mails from practicing DCs and perspective chiropractic students. It’s impressive to see RSS feeds climbing in the logs, since only a year ago, they were not being accessed so frequently. The what it’s like to be a chiropractor in Los Angeles article continues to be popular with visitors to the site. An update on that post is overdue.

Lots of browsing taking place through the news archives (10 years worth of content) and direct browsing of the news pages. A post on pregnancy and chiropractic was popular for the month of November, as were visits to the godaddy girl Candace Michelle Playboy related post. Pretty safe to figure which demographic is visiting those pages, and it’s likely not the same group of people viewing both posts.

A chiropractic Christmas tree post from December of 2007 is suddenly popular again. That one will probably get a lot more traffic in December 2008. The particular tree shown in the photo is being lit this week at our LA based chiropractic office.

Nice to see so many searches for local chiropractors taking place. Perhaps there will be another chiropractors post taking place before May of 2009. I’d like to see that happen.

Finally, the office design article received a considerable amount of traffic as well. Photos and videos of chiropractic adjusting areas and other related office design posts would be nice to see in 2009. I’m thinking of incentivizing some chiropractors to share photos from their office, since there’s really some spectacular looking (and functioning) facilities out there.

Righty oh, that’s it for the November log round up of what’s hot, and what’s not.