More Chiropractic Internet Service Scams

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

They pop up like weeds, offers to chiropractors to get you “top” in search engines with magic search engine techniques and “soon to be” high traffic domain destinations. They use fear, your “territory” is still available but it will soon be gone, act now, send us your money, we are going to be at the top and you could be there too!

Dorausch_ChiropractorSomeday I may have a list together of companies I’ve seen appearing in emails (spamming me), and in online advertisements, that were here today and gone tomorrow. It appears that for every one I see fail, two pop up. These companies are sometimes referred to as “skimmers” as they get your credit card for whatever monthly fee they can, and then they bid low in the search engines, hoping to capture enough consumer attention to make a profit.

The big players already have organically top ranked websites for the most popular terms and they also do paid placement, that is a much better model to follow.

Watch out for services that…

  1. claim to soon be at the top of search engines for chiropractic related terms (why are they not there now?)
  2. claim to soon be the most visited website for people seeking chiropractic care (again, why are they not there now?)
  3. claim “top listings” but really mean paid positioning ad placements and not #1 organic search position results
  4. use spam techniques to contact you and potentially the people in your community

What nearly none of these companies ever mention is that you could do almost all of this yourself (at least a few thousand already do) with a google adwords account (or some other search engine company account). You can create geo-targeted, finely tuned, paid search traffic for your website, it’s almost a no-branier.

This model applies to any industry but I pay particular attention to what is going on in chiropractic online, having been involved in it since the early 1990’s.

There are some great online services out there providing solid online marketing services, you just have to be savvy and rule out the “One Hit Wonders.” They usually burn through their cash and your credit cards in about 90 days, all will often quit while they are still ahead. What happens to your “territory” then?

For what it’s worth I currently don’t use paid placement advertising for my Los Angeles Chiropractic office but I have in the past and it can be a great tool if that is something you want to do. If you are in a non-metro area you may really be in a good position to benefit from paid placement. Then again, in smaller metros you can also dominate organically.

Alright, enough of my chiro rant!

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