Whiplash Relief as Wellness Chiropractic Care

Is whiplash and injury pain relief part of wellness chiropractic care?

Several months ago someone presented a demo to me of a marketing campaign they were thinking of rolling out in my area. They showed me some slides, pretty graphics, a mini commercial, and gave me a pitch that the world is moving towards wellness so it would be in my best interest to get on the bandwagon of optimum health and wellbeing and begin projecting that to my community. With their help, and several thousand dollars of my hard earned hands on adjusting money, they could get me exclusively recognized as a wellness expert in my area.

They did not want to mention chiropractic in any advertising as to not give the public the wrong idea. Instead, I was to be marketed as a wellness expert! I decided to decline on the offer and continue to do what has worked for me best in the past… ask for referrals.

So it’s months later and I’m searching online (notice I do that a lot) and I come across some marketing from this same company. Wow, find out how you can get the pain relief you deserve for your recent auto accident and resulting whiplash injury. Call today to schedule your chiropractic appointment.

Now, I have nothing wrong with people seeking chiropractic care after being involved in a car accident, but is that wellness? I thought wellness care was something one typically paid cash for, involved affordable plans that allowed you and your entire family to get adjusted, and was focused around the correction or reduction of vertebral subluxation.

Having your head strike your seat rest and moving backward, after your vehicle was plowed into and your body is moving forward, is not what I visualize as a wellness experience. No, this is something commonly known as personal injury and yes it’s something many chiropractors specialize in, I’m not denying that.

There are lots of companies driving personal injury clients to chiropractors, I like when they are clear that their intent is just that. There are lots of companies promoting wellness services on behalf of chiropractors, I’m OK with that too. Nice when they describe clearly what it is they intend to do.

Not all chiropractors have a practice like mine, some specialize in things like auto collisions and work injuries. Chiropractor, Suzanne Frye, who went to the same school I did (CCCLA) sees lot’s of “PI” patients. Call her if you are you are seeking chiropractic care in Lancaster, CA.

The Chiropractors Pennsylvania page on Planet Chiropractic makes a good example of how different chiropractors practices can be. On the page are a number of chiropractors I’d feel comfortable referring to. I’d go see Ram Parikh for a personal injury or wellness, Sharon Gorman for a rockin’ adjustment, Joe Strauss for straight chiropractic (does Joe see personal injury cases?), and Skip George for scoliosis corrective care.

And for you that may be wondering what should I do now? I was in an accident or I want affordable family wellness care, who should I call. I’ll let you in on a secret… Either way, call a local chiropractor and ask them this question “What is a subluxation?” If they can’t answer you or flub about as if they have no clue, it’s likely a sign to call someone else.

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  1. When it comes to personal care I want the best I can get. Asking close friends for recommendation for specialized doctors has always been a method that’s worked well for me.

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