More New Patients with Posters

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I didn’t know where to put this so it’s ending up in the rant section. I’ve been posting regularly about stuff I get in the mail and I’m starting to get behind as a stack is building up on the couch. I can’t even lay down now so I’ve got to get some topics posted or just toss everything in the recycle bin.

the nervous system anatomical poster

I received a postcard from a chiropractor in Freehold, NJ 07728 that on the front said “Do You Want More New Patients?” Now, so everyone understands, I LOVE NEW PATIENTS, but I get postcards and faxes and direct mail and email with some of the dumbest or archaic ideas for going about doing so. It’s not that this particular card I received was dumb, it’s that the items on the card do not answer the question asked (at least for me).

The postcard was an ad for chiropractic posters and I have to say they look like leftover product from 1971. Come on folks, quotes from Websters Dictionary and Gray’s Anatomy (not the show but the book) made into posters? There was a vertebral subluxation poster and I don’t care how old those are, I like them all. I’ve been thinking about creating a VSC poster that reads “All Those Subluxated Will Burn in Hell” just to see if anyone is actually reading it. Err…. Humor.

I also got a postcard from Forte Systems (in El Dorado Hills, CA) regarding a “Spooky Sale” on some chiropractic software. I’m afraid to order it since I’ve spent too much time helping chiropractor friends recover their crashed windows servers that use this stuff. I have some older version (think it’s 7000) and I can’t say I’d recommend it to anyone. I’ve asked someone to please present some chiropractic office software that does not look like it was designed for Windows 3.1 but nobody has come forward yet with anything.

A solution is coming, I know it is!
End of rant.

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  1. We have been on Chiro____ for about 15-20 years. We were there beta site. Their latest software does appear to run better than any of the others but it takes some serious power. My other server Dual processor with 2 gigs of RAM was not enough. I have about 10,000 patient files some task would take 15-20 min. We ended up with an off site server through Sam the owner is great. worked out all the bugs handles all backups offsite we get nightly reports. System is running 32 Gigs of RAM. Now the system runs! I cant say I would reccomend Forte software but is a winner. One of my workstations went down and all I needed was a $300. dumb computer.

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