7 Southern California Wildfires Charities and Places to Donate

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

wildfires in Southern California Thank you to all the friends, family, and colleagues who have been calling and e-mailing with concerns about our safety and well-being here in Southern California. Aside from a scratchy throat (from being a dummy and running outdoors on Tuesday) I’m doing fine here in the Santa Monica area. Many others in the state are not so fortunate. Most people coming to my office this week have had complaints of respiratory problems, sinus problems, burning eyes, and fatigue from the unusual heat we’ve had this week.

I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like for those living closer to the fires, and those that have lost homes, pets, and even loved ones.

I put together a list of charities and organizations that are accepting financial contributions intended to help those affected by the 2007 Southern California Wildfires. If anyone else has an organization or charity that should be added to the list, please contact me, by clicking on the yellow envelope above, and I’ll get it added.

California Volunteers
This is the state agency that manages programs and initiatives to increase the number of Californians involved with service and volunteering.
If your business would like to make a donation to help the victims of the Southern California fires please call: 1-800-750-2858

The Red Cross
According to the organization, monetary donations are needed most. If you’re sending checks they can be designated to “California Fires.”
American Red Cross, PO Box 4002018, Des Moines, IA, 50340-2018

The Salvation Army
Contributions can be made on-line at www.salvationarmyusa.org, by phone at (800) 725-2769.

Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo has opened a special account called the “American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund (California Wildfire Relief Effort)” to help the fire victims. Make a donation at any branch, located throughout the Midwestern and Western United States.
Locate a Wells Fargo Bank

Operation USA
This is a Los Angeles-based nongovernmental relief organization that is providing medical supplies and assisting victims who do not have direct access to support services, including farmworkers and people in rural areas. Checks can be sent to: Operation USA, 3617 Hayden Ave., Suite A, Culver City, CA 90232
Credit card donations can be made by calling (800) 678-7255 or via the web site at: www.opusa.org.

Dogs Southern CaliforniaDon’t Forget the Animals!
Dogs, cats (I can haz donationz?), llamas, horses, and all sorts of other pets and livestock have been displaced as a result of the fires, especially in the San Diego area. Agencies providing shelter and assistance for animals affected by the fires also are accepting donations.

Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
The spcaLA’s Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) is a mobile command post and emergency response team for disaster situations, such as fires or earthquakes.
Visit the web site to make an online DART donation or call (888) 772-2521.

San Diego Humane Society
We need your help in supporting our efforts in rescuing, sheltering, and providing for the needs of the animals affected by the major fires now engulfing large parts of the San Diego County Area and in responding to future disasters. There is a link for making financial donations on the web site.

If you have something to add you can contact me via e-mail by clicking on the yellow envelope at the top of this post. Thanks everybody!

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