America Says NO To Ritalin

Class action suits were filed in California and New Jersey on Wednesday, alleging that the pharmaceutical manufacturer of Ritalin along with the American Psychiatric Association, conspired to create the disease attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in order to sell more of the drug, according to several news sources.

Also according to reports, on Thursday, the chairman of the US House Judiciary Committee asked that there be a government probe of Ritalin abuse in the nation’s schools. Rep. Henry J. Hyde stated that in 1996, 10% to 12% of all American school-age boys were prescribed Ritalin, according to reports.

Some article Highlights:
In 1999 more than 9 million Ritalin prescriptions were filled.
Ninety percent of all Ritalin is sold in the United States.
The health of millions of children is at stake because they are taking a drug that they do not need.
Lawyers say they will seek billions of dollars in damages.

It’s about time America and the rest of the world Says NO to Ritalin. It’s time to stop needlessly drugging our children.

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Are Ritalin prescriptions to children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder really part of a conspiracy between drug companies and doctors?

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