Chiropractic… Bigger than Religion?

B.J. Palmer said that chiropractic was bigger than medicine, bigger than religion. In fact, he stated “Chiropractic is the biggest idea I know of.”

This month we celebrate one hundred and five years of chiropractic. Next month, two California chiropractors will begin their journey towards worldwide recognition and acclaim as a result of anchoring themselves to a principle so many have held so close these past 105 years.

Let’s begin with Michael.
Michael Shalhoub, D.C. is not your ordinary kind of guy, in fact you may say he is bit of an abrasive, hard core, chiropractic zealot who has a message to share with the world.

Michael is dedicated. He is dedicated to his office, to his patients, to his community, to his health, and to delivering chiropractic. His office – Mission Chiropractic, has a strict policy when it comes to new patients. Not only must you attend the healthcare class before beginning care, your spouse must attend as well.

Michael is not the kind of chiropractor that tells you what he thinks you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear, he tells you the truth.

A new patient comes in for care, they must bring their spouse in for the healthcare class, no exceptions. The spouse is Dr. Robert Anthony Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral. Still, no exceptions. Dr. Michael begins to preach the message of chiropractic, Dr. Robert is not interested. Dr. Michael continues to tell the truth about chiropractic… and at some moment, something happens to Dr. Robert.

As a result, Dr. Robert gets a chiropractic examination, and gets adjusted. Dr. Robert’s wife gets adjusted. Dr. Robert returns with his children, his children are checked and adjusted, the whole family is now under care. Dr. Robert Schuller has discovered chiropractic.

Douglas Di Siena, D.C. vibrates in a harmonic frequency which is probably why the name sounds so appealing. Douglas is an incredible chiropractor. He is a mentor, a leader, a father, a husband, a friend, and a Christian. Douglas and Michael together, head up the Orange County Chiropractic Philosophy Society. Doug is also the Southern California Regional Director for the ICA. You would not think he would have time for anything else.

For those of you that don’t know, Dr. Robert Anthony Schuller is co host of the “Hour of Power,” the most widely watched religious program in America, and is heir to the Crystal Cathedral ministry. Dr. Douglas meets Dr. Robert and they join forces. Just imagine the possibilities…

October 2000, Harper Collins, one of the world’s leading book publishers in America, having 43 books on The New York Times bestseller list in 1999, will be releasing a new book titled: Possibility Living: Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years With God’s Health Plan.

Guess who the authors are? That’s right, Robert A. Schuller and Douglas Di Siena. And guess where you can get the book? Your right again! You can order it right here at Planet Chiropractic, where it’s Power Hour Every Hour!

Order The Book!From Harper Collins…
By taking positive steps, such as eating a natural diet, fasting, and praying, you can tap into your innate power for possibility living, remaining open to the voice of God in your life as you nurture your whole being.

“In simple and elegant ways, Dr. Robert A. Schuller and Douglas Di Siena D.C., offer practical steps to create balance in body, mind, and spirit. They open the door to a world of infinite possibilities inside your Being.” — Deepak Chopra

What if Michael Shalhoub did not tell the story?

To Michael Shalhoub and Douglas Di Siena:
Thank you for your efforts and for the message of chiropractic you deliver so passionately. @ 1:17 pm | Article ID: 968962635