Geeks Interested in Nutritional Values

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Fitness gurus and health nuts are not the only ones interested in nutritional data and the counting of calories. Even computer techies are beginning to take notice and opt for healthier choices when it comes to satisfying one’s daily nutritional needs. Who would’ve thought nerds like computer programmers would be interested in wellness and longevity?

monster energy, red bull, redline,endo rushThe January 2008 issue of Wired magazine featured a brief but excellent piece by Bonnie Azab Powell. The article was centered around nutritional values and the advice given was to stick to the periphery in grocery stores, when wanting to find healthier foods.

You might expect that to be a fairly common topic in any fitness or nutritionally focused magazine, but this is a publication geared at a particularly savvy tech audience.

The article included three neat graphics that displayed information about where the most expensive calories can be found in a supermarket (the produce section), which supermarket aisles contain items that pack the most galleries by weight (the snacks and cereal aisle), and which supermarket aisles contained products with the most sugar (also the snacks and cereal aisle).

According to the graph displaying the break down on cost, the bread, beverage, and pasta aisles were among those with the lowest cost per calories. A calories by weight category (per 100 g) displayed the produce section as one of the lowest, 38 calories versus 446 cal for the snacks aisle. The produce aisle also came up low on the sugar graph (per 100 g) with 4.8 g in the produce aisle versus 25.4 g in the snacks aisle, and 26 g and the cereal aisle.

I don’t know how many computer geeks will be switching from their self recommended daily intakes of beverages like Monster Energy and Red Bull, to wheatgrass smoothies and 12 day herbal cleanses, but health related articles in computer minded magazines suggests someones taking their vitamins, and maybe even exercising. I wonder who else may be getting on the healing highway? Next thing you know we’ll see articles about posture and other healthy habits. @ 8:22 am | Article ID: 1201018965