Palmer Rugby Alumni 2009 Sunshine Tour

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s early news, but Palmer Rugby Alumni are hosting a 12 hours continuing education chiropractic event in Deerfield Beach, Florida late February and early March of 2009. Members of Palmer Rugby Alumni want to keep the fire burning. The event features Palmer graduate Dr. Fred Schofield and it’s held in conjunction with the 2009 Fort Lauderdale Ruggerfest.

Dr. Fred Schofield Speaking Palmer Chiropractic Rugby(photo: Palmer chiropractic graduate Dr. Fred Schofield speaking amongst a group of chiropractors)

The Palmer college rugby team had a successful season finishing among the top 16 in the country. They traveled extensively to prepare against top level competition. There season led them to Florida, Kansas City, St. Louis, Nashville, Atlanta, and Austin. This resulted in the team going over budget. The school has gone overboard supporting the team of late and I wish to challenge the Old Boys to generate half of the difference to the budget and what was spent by homecoming.

2009 Sunshine Tour PCC Approved 12 Hours — Latest Technologies Communicating Chiropractic and Clinical Applications with Dr. Fred Schofield. The event is taking place at the Howard Johnson Hotel / Conference Center – located at 2096 2nd St. Deerfield Beach, FL 1-800-426-0084.

The continuing education seminar is scheduled to take place on February 27 through March 1, 2009, which is a Friday through Sunday. Those wanting specific information about the event can contact Ron O’Brien in Davenport Iowa at: 1-800-PCC-Alum (press “0” ask for Ron). When calling the hotel to book for the conference make sure you mention Palmer and the Rugby Club when registering. You’ll save an additional 10% on your room and the seminar and banquet room will be provided free as a result of great attendance. Rooms sold out in 2008 so make sure you book your rooms well in advance. Continuing education has been approved in all states including California.

Check the event pages for (see the bolded link above) more details on the seminar. The 2008 Rugby Sunshine Tour was a success, it took place the same month South African Chiropractor and Palmer alumni alumni Fred Schofield celebrated his 30 years in the United States. He’s been quite an inspiration to a great number of chiropractors throughout the world.

If you happen to be in the Phoenix area this upcoming weekend, come visit in the desert, and spend some time with like-minded chiropractors and lots of Dr. Fred’s closest friends. @ 1:01 pm | Article ID: 1212609723