Chiropractors Gathering in the Desert

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’ve been heading out to Phoenix for chiropractic related seminars, trainings, and get-togethers for the past seven years. A group is gathering this weekend in Carefree Arizona for a June Schofield Training. I’m catching a Southwest flight after I’ve done in the office on Friday, and I’ll be there for the weekend. Looking forward to good times with a number of great chiropractors.

California chiropractors

Chiropractors from the state of California

The above photo was taken at a DCS seminar in Orange County, California. One of the things I love most about chiropractic gatherings is the fellowship that occurs. I also get tons of new ideas for chiropractic content and I get to hear what everybody’s been up to in their practices and their lives.

I’ll see Michael Moore and get to hear more about his custom-built healing center that’s currently under construction in Northern California. I am hoping to get video from him which shows how the land his family had purchased has evolved at the office was being built.

Many of the chiropractors I expect to see on Saturday are the same ones that the roundtable meeting we had in Las Vegas, back in April. I was looking at the attendees for that weekend’s event and I noticed several of the same chiropractors that participate and submit content for the website, such as the group participation involved in tips on living better in 2008. Daria was right when she spoke about fringe benefits of participation.

Dr. Carolyn Griffin (one of the chiropractors in the photo above) and other fantastic female chiropractors are also expected to be in Carefree Arizona this weekend, and I plan to see Candice too. The whole weekend revolves around TIC talking, South African rugby playing chiropractor, Dr. Fred Schofield. He is the resident Phoenix chiropractor for this particular group, and he just happens to have one of those bad name choices for a chiropractic office, which I have spoken about before. (It’s actually not bad for him, but others in the area trying to use the same name.)

There’s no marathon training going on, but many of us have been running for years, and we will likely hit up an early-morning run Saturday, and maybe even Sunday. It can get super hot and Carefree but a run about 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. is perfect. Lets see if I can convince my Royal Palm Beach friend to get up and hit the trails with us. That invite also goes out to Dr. Cincinnati, and Dr. Bennett from Studio City.

Chiropractors come from places like Vassar Michigan and Winnipeg Manitoba probably look forward to the weather in Phoenix this time of year. Chiropractors from Las Vegas probably don’t notice much of a difference in temperature.

Okay, this weekend’s spinal philosophy Brentwood meetup is on hold since I expect everyone in the group’s going to be in the desert. Lets have some good times!