2011 California Chiropractic Association Convention

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s that time of year! The 2011 California Chiropractic Association (CCA) Annual Convention and Exposition is taking place June 10 through 12th in Reno Nevada. The 2011 CCA Convention will be at the Grand Sierra Resort (same as 2010 CCA Convention) and many of the same Expo folks are expected to be there.

Get Educated Chiropractic CCEChiropractors planning to stay at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino should be calling to book rooms by May 24, as the special room block rate will end on that date. The Grand Sierra is a perfect location for a chiropractic conference. The airport in Reno is small and there is a free shuttle to the very nearby Grand Sierra Hotel.

I love to run when traveling, and there is a path along the Truckee River, just outside the hotel. Chiropractors that are up early in the day, can also run along the hotel property, or in nearby neighborhoods. Just be watchful of local traffic since there is lots of vehicular activity. There’s also a fairly new Wal-Mart (Three Nations Plaza) across the street from the hotel. It’s a great place to go and get snacks, water, and other beverages.

Chiropractic continuing education topics for the CCA event include: adjustive technique, ethics, Medicare, nutrition, orthopedic testing, patients and pharmaceuticals, personal injury, qualified medical examinations, radiology, spinal surgery and rehab, sports medicine, yoga, and more.

A very important note on fingerprinting for chiropractors practicing in the state of California. Do you know if you need fingerprinting for your DC license renewal?  Call the CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners at 916-263-5355 to find out. If yes, get your fingerprints done easily and conveniently at the 2011 CCA Annual Convention & Exposition on June 10 or 11.

New BCE regulations require licensees who have either not previously submitted fingerprints to the BCE, or who were initially licensed prior to January 1, 1997, or for whom a record of an electronic submission of fingerprints no longer exists, are required to submit fingerprints electronically. Licensees are required to comply by the licensee’s renewal date that occurs on or after June 1, 2011.

For your convenience, CCA offers finger printing services at the 2011 Annual Convention & Exposition, in Reno, Nevada. To make things even easier, pre-pay for fingerprinting when you register and complete and submit the required form to CCA by June 6.  Just click on the Live Scan Form link by the Fingerprinting box on the registration form. Complete just 1 form and fax it to CCA for this fingerprinting option.

Make your hotel reservations at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino by Tuesday, May 24 – call 800-648-5080.

Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
2500 East Second Street, Reno, NV 89595

Look forward to seeing you all there!

7 thoughts on “2011 California Chiropractic Association Convention”

  1. I am not a practicing Chiropractor. I placed my license (Nevada) into a voluntary inactive status a couple of years ago. I recently experienced a CVA in February and may never be able to practice.

    If possible, I would like to attend this event to just be around others who have similar interests. I checked the Nevada Chiropractic Board website and they do not have the event listed, so I was unable to determine what it would cost to attend (I live in Reno).

    1. For CCA members the event is free. I think currently it’s $208 for non CCA member DCs. If you are not going for your license renewal I’d call and ask about special rates.

  2. I’m not a chiropractor, but my best friend is and is going to this event. The healing of this field has such a fascinating history. The field of chiropractic focuses so much on the whole person and holistic healing. I wish more people understood the benefits. Thanks for making the convention info available to all

    1. I don’t think many DCs in the state of California were aware of new requirements, and it did not seem to me that most new licensing hours were going to increase in 2012. The CCA did a terrific job with this past seminar in Reno. A great event.

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