Reno Nevada Three Nations Plaza

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s only March, but since we were springing forward today for daylight savings time, I got reminded that summer is quickly on its way. Just got back from a conference I was at all week in Austin Texas and the week before I was researching parking rates in Las Vegas. There are two potential chiro conferences on my calendar for April and May, but I know that in June I’ll be going to Reno Nevada for sure. June 10th is the CCA Reno Annual Convention.

WalmartWalmart Reno – So why a photo of Wal-Mart? This year’s conference is at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno (same place as it was in 2010). When I was there in June last year, the Walmart at Three Nations Plaza was still under construction. When I visited in December of 2010, the super store was open for business. I walked over from the hotel, and bought more stuff than I had anticipated, the place was great.

I love visiting places where customer service is top notch. Maybe it was because the store was brand-new, but the employees working that day had a great attitude, something I love experiencing (as a small business owner I enjoy seeing how others do service).

at chiropractic yellowI also took this self photograph of my yellow T-shirt during that same trip last June. A group of chiropractors had chartered a bus to go from Orange County California to Reno Nevada, which sounded like it was a great fellowship experience, but I decided to grab a flight on Alaska Airlines. I usually fly either Alaska or Southwest to Reno, depending on who’s got good flight times and rates available.

Reno Biggest Little City In the WorldReno The Biggest Little City In The World – Weather for the 2010 event was spectacular in Reno, but when I was there in December it was a bit chilly for running outdoors (at least for my Southern California blood it was). I’m hoping the weather in June is as nice as it was last year, since I’m planning on staying an extra day to do a 12 or 15 mile run through downtown Reno. It’s a great way to work off beer and steaks.

Jeweled Cowgirl BeltJeweled Cowgirl Belt at GSR – The Grand Sierra is a lot bigger than it appears from the outside. Besides the convention center, the casino, and the indoor restaurants, there is a concert hall and lots of other attractions on the property. I love that there is a Starbucks inside the hotel, and some of the restaurants are pretty good too (I really like Johnny Rockets for shakes and burgers).

There is a big country bar just off the casino floor (near the entrance to the concert hall) and the hotel is very close to the airport. You could walk to the downtown Reno area (visit Harrah’s while you’re there) but you may want to take a cab if you’re not up for about a 5 mile round-trip walk.

If you’re planning to go to the event for practice relicensing for the states of California, Nevada, or Arizona, let me know you’ll be in town. Looking forward to catching up with others in the field. And also look forward to being back at the Grand Sierra Resort. Great choice for the conference (imo).