Time to Join California CCA

By Scott Van Horn

If you were one of the over 1,000 people at CalJam on April 26th I was there with you. What a day and night that was! CalJam was absolutely one of the most inspiring events I have been privileged to experience. And, if you were in the auditorium when Dr. Bill DeMoss opened the program, you heard our host strongly advocate that everyone with a DC after his/her name unite by joining and supporting the California Chiropractic Association.

California Chiropractic AssociationHopefully the CCA video inspired you to think about becoming a CCA member in order to promote and protect chiropractic in California and change the face of health care forever.

The CCA hosts an Annual Convention each year, typically in May or June, with continuing education hours available to all California Chiropractors.

The most any one doctor of chiropractic can pay to support CCA and receive the multitude of benefits designed to save you time and money worth far more than your membership dues investment is 71 tax-deductible dollars a month. That is the amount for DCs in their fourth year or more of licensure practicing more than 16 hours per week.

CCA also offers part-time rates, student rates, first, second and third year rates, retired rates, disabled rates, family rates and faculty rates.

It is time, once and for all, for chiropractors in the state of California to rise up, join forces and pool your resources to, as Billy D would say, “tell the story.” CCA is poised to use your collective power to do just that.

Here is some of what you get as a member:

  • Access to the CCA Member Resource Center for answers to nearly every practice question imaginable
  • Discounts on continuing education conventions and seminars
  • Access to the CCA Web site Members Only section containing more than 150 information kits on virtually every aspect of chiropractic practice
  • Guaranteed discounts on cell phone service
  • “CCA Advantage” award-winning monthly newsletter that keeps you informed
  • Professional and personal insurance discounts from “A” or better rated carriers
  • Credit card processing discounts
  • Payroll processing service discounts
  • CCA exclusive: “New Patient Generator” chiropractic practice marketing tools
  • Madison Avenue-quality Chiropractic advertising kit that includes ready-to-use TV, radio and print commercials and ads available at a steep discount
  • Online directory listing on the CCA patient Web site (www.californiplanetc1practic.com)
  • Pre-pay your annual dues and receive a free month
  • Dues are tax deductibleIf you are already a CCA member, thank you for your support and please forward this on to a chiropractor you have influence with and ask him or her to join you. If you are not currently a member, there are three easy ways you can join CCA. Download a membership application and mail back with a check or fax back with credit card information using this link: cca_membership.pdf.You can join online at: join calchiro online.

    You can call me at (916) 648-2727 ext. 124 and join over the phone… it takes about two minutes.

    Check out your membership dues investment rate. Check out your membership benefits. Then make your check out to CCA. It’s time. And you’re worth it.

    Scott Van Horn
    CCA Membership Sales Director
    (916) 648-2727 ext. 124

    California Chiropractic Association
    1600 Sacramento Inn Way, #106, Sacramento, CA 95815

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