Alternative Names for the New Depression

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Will the recession morph into an American Depression? While economic analysts everywhere are discussing the possibilities of the US moving from recession into a financial state of depression, folks on Twitter are having fun coming up with names to call the pending economic state of the nation.

My friend Reg Saddler (of The Drill Down and zaibatsu on Twitter) alerted me earlier that peeps on Twitter were working to come up with a name that would best describe the nation’s pending economic state. The request was made on the micro blogging service to post one’s best ideas along with the hash tag #NewDepression. You can check out those results in real time here (search: NewDepression), and I’ve created screenshots for some of the ones that have appeared so far.

What’s it going to be America? What would you name the New Depression?

The Big Shift = another name for #NewDepression

Dozens of people on twitter have already made their suggestions. Polly Washburn (Positronics on twitter) tweeted… The Big Shift = another name for #NewDepression, while KenPickard tweeted… “New Financial World Order” #NewDepression.

I liked the suggestion from Charles Martin (webcudgel on twitter) to call our nation’s economic situation a “Financial Reboot.” Other suggestions included “Elector Dysfunction” (from CrazyOnYou), and “The Great Restructuring” (from RoyalAntsJosh)

Stephanie Segel (stephanie2967) writes… “what do I call the current economic crisis? The Black Hole Where My 401K Disappeared 🙁 #NewDepression” and she follows it up later with “you could also call our current economic crisis “The Big Suck”, but that sounds like a cheap pr0n, yeah?”

Got any other suggestions? Use the hash tag #NewDepression and message me (@chiropractic) with your best suggestion. @ 9:44 pm | Article ID: 1234244684