Steps #2, #3, & #4 to a Hundred a Day

By Dr. Rick Wren

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Principle #2 (always perform a thorough examination in ten to fifteen minutes) is probably the easiest of all the principles to perform. Most of us come out of Chiropractic College willing to do a 30 to 90 minute examination on all new patients and charge a nominal fee. This procedure should only be 10 to fifteen minutes long. This is long enough to perform over 30 exams and prove to the patient you are doing more than most doctors to investigate their health status. A copy of my examination form is attached, which is also very convenient for 3 re-examinations.

Principle #3 (always x-ray new patients) should be easy if you are pre-framing subluxation, which discusses the consequences of spinal decay. Spinal decay is predictable and easily seen when it occurs on x-ray. Patients can easily see it on x-ray also after a fifteen minute lesson done once a day for all new patients. Remember 95% of all Chiropractors want to be adjusted weekly for the rest of their lives, so give the new patient enough tools and education to make that same decision.

Principle #4 (do not adjust on the first visit) is the toughest to follow of these 3 discussed. There again if you Pre-frame subluxation, it will make sense to the patient why you are not adjusting on the first visit. You have to establish value in your long term care, before the patient will consider investing in it. Surgeons don’t perform $30,000 or more surgeries, until they perform $2,000 in examination procedures to get the patient to invest in them. Some will say, but it is really insurance paying the procedure. Not always is insurance paying now a days (look at lasix and cosmetic surgeries) and the patient owns the insurance policy. Remember if the first 3 days of a new patient is done right, you could easily prevent many $30,000 neck and back surgeries.

It is your job to tell the whole truth and let the patient decide how much they want to participate, which could be long term, short term, or none at all. You will sleep good at night knowing you told the truth, even when they reject you care. Just tell the truth.

Next time we will discuss Principle #5 (do a written report which includes photo of their x-ray). You can find my past articles and attachments in different formats on this website. Just look for my name under authors. There is much detail covered on our SOCM 18 CD set or you can study the First 3 day Video/Audio set. These can be found at: Planet Chiropractic’s Online Store.

LLL, Dr. Rick Wren
Founder of the Society of Chiropractic Masters and Parker Team Teacher

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