Chiropractic can change their lives for the better

By Super CA Jackie

In a follow-up to Super CA Lynne’s story, “Get Your New Patients Out of the Fog,” it’s so true how foggy a new patient may feel for the first time in a chiropractic office. CA’s definitely set the tone in the office for new patients. CA’s are there to help new patients understand how magical chiropractic is by allowing it into their lives.

Once it’s explained to new patients how chiropractic can change their lives for the better, it must then be shared with them. How is that? It is support from the Chiropractor, CA’s and even the person or persons who referred them to care.

When CA’s share their chiropractic healing story with new patients it encourages them how they will be helped too. Now they feel comfortable to confide in the CA with any questions and concerns they may have about chiropractic care. There are times patients share their feelings with the CA’s and not the Chiropractor. CA’s should always share their patient’s chiropractic stories with other patients. There is always something new for them to learn. After a while you start to feel like Walt Disney and you say to yourself, “Who’s story shall I tell today?”

It’s also reassuring for new patients to meet and speak with other patients who have a chiropractic story of their own, especially one who started care for the same reasons. It’s a bonus when patients write their chiropractic story so you can share it with everyone. They feel good knowing their story has helped someone else. Let new patients know you are looking forward in hearing and sharing their chiropractic story so that it may help others too.

I was speaking to my long time friend, Super CA Debbie the other day. I was telling her that I have learned not to ask, “How are you?” That’s an opening for a negative answer. Patients think you want to hear their health complaints when they are asked that question. You may be given a more positive response when you say to them, “Hey, what’s going on!”

It’s important to remind new patients, who are having a foggy moment that “healing takes time” and they did not get this way overnight. This will help to keep new patients out of the fog and in the office where the lights are always on.

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