Limitations Exist Only In Your Mind

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

I heard Dr. Sigafoose tell a story that I heard him tell several times yet I heard him say it one more time and it finally sunk in. The story is about a young women who plays the violin. She is a true master. She is about to play at Carnegie Hall and they interviewed her on TV. They asked her if she is nervous about playing to the audience at Carnegie Hall and she basically said that she doesn’t play for the audience, she plays for herself because she knows that if she pleases herself she will certainly please the audience because she has higher standards for herself than they do. (Thanks again Sig)

Last night only two patients showed up to my New Patient Orientation. This hadn’t happened in quite a while (Thank God) and I was considering canceling it but I remembered Sig’s story. In the past if I had done the Orientation I probably would have cut some out and given the abbreviated version I have to admit. Not last night. I gave them all I had. I ordinarily feel great after I give an Orientation even though as I have confessed in the past, I am tired at the end of the day and I would rather go home to my family. I always feel better the minute it starts. Doing Orientation is like doing a half hour affirmation of who I am and what I stand for. I get more out of it than the patients do. Well last night as I said I gave it my all and afterwards I felt better than usual. Why would I hesitate and try to cancel out? Maybe human nature. Maybe trying to get away with working a little less. Excuses are just excuses. I can’t give up the opportunity to share this incredible message to anyone that would listen to it. Chiropractic changes lives. The quality of the people’s lives will be enhanced if we can only get through to them a little.

Sometimes I know that they really never get what I do or why I do it even though I think I’ve gotten pretty good at communicating it but more importantly they stay. The most important thing is that they stay. Initially without many exceptions, they stay because of their connection with you. If they didn’t understand a word you said they would stay around simply because they connect to you and to your commitment to them and their life. You can’t anchor to an unanchored mind. Anchor your mind and they will be attracted to you. The more you share the truth about the principle and share yourself with them the more people you are going to serve. That’s how it has works for me. The limitations exist only in your mind. There are a lot of subluxated people out there waiting. Serve. @ 7:12 am | Article ID: 1080745926