January 11 Chiropractic Week in Review

by Daria Belov

A summary of news articles posted since January 1 of 2008. The year kicked off with information about seminars to attend, news regarding money in politics, information about the storms that hit California, tips on healthy living, and more.

The first post an article of 2008 featured six months of Highlighted Seminars for chiropractors to attend in the upcoming year. Since the article was posted I received information from Len Rosenthal, Executive Director of Public Affairs at Southern California University of Health Sciences regarding the SCU 2008 Extravaganza which will be taking place at the Coast Long Beach Hotel in Long Beach, California, August 14-17, 2008.

Here is a continuing education resource blog post for those seeking general information. There is also a historical conference post for using old event data to find new seminars.

New 30 inch double Dell monitorsPhoto: We started off 2008 with new Dell high resolution 30 inch monitors. Very sweet for the Planet Chiropractic editing desks.

The news article on Chiropractic Money in Politics 2008 has some really interesting data and there are some resources provided which you can follow throughout this election year.

Storms hit the state of California hard last week (Storm 2008) and we covered information related to airports, weather patterns, mapping, and safety.

Over the weekend there was news article posted that involved participation from 10 different chiropractors in the United States. The article was titled 10 Tips on Living Better in 2008 and it was a popular hit. Summaries and positive comments regarding the article showed up on a number of health care related web sites. Thanks for the links!

Wednesday brought us an article regarding Health Insurance Deductibles and the fact that most insurance companies rollover plans in January. That means for many that have health-care insurance, deductibles are expected to be met before insurance companies will reimburse providers for covered services.

There was an excellent news article yesterday regarding Opportunities Nationwide that shared some insights from Dr. Michael Dorausch on how much easier it now is for graduating chiropractors to connect with some of the greatest chiropractors around the country, and throughout the planet. It was an interesting look at one way the internet has provided great opportunities to doctors of chiropractic.

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