West Valley Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Looking for a chiropractor in the West Valley? The office that wants you to find them online will need to optimize their webpage for local search so you can connect with them. I will provide some resources for offices below.

This post is about why it’s important to use granular data and be very specific with locally based information, especially when you have a business in a generalized locations such as a West Valley. This topic applies to any business promoting their products or services online. It could be a West Valley Hand Center, a West Valley plumber, or a West Valley dentist, I’m using chiropractor as that is the primary focus of this site. To follow along, replace the term “West Valley” with what ever the name of your community of interest is.

chiropractor adjusting girl So far none of this probably makes sense to you. I simply want to show you that there are many West Valley’s in the United States so you may want to expand your thinking when creating local business descriptions.

I did some searches in the field of chiropractic and came back with West Valley chiropractor results in the states of Washington, Utah, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho. If you live in a community in a state not mentioned on that list please let me know in the comments.

In the state of California there are two areas I know of that are considered in the West Valley. The first is in Southern California and it’s the western part of the San Fernando Valley, which includes places such as Topanga Canyon and Woodland Hills (let’s give a Woodland Hills chiropractor a plug). The second location is in Northern California and it includes western parts of the San Jose area.

In Utah I noticed businesses using West Valley City and West Valley in describing their location. If it were my site I’d likely go with as many specifics as possible (West Valley City of Utah) in order to cover all my bases.

In Arizona, I believe several parts of the Phoenix area are considered in the West Valley of the Sun. I found business listings for places such as Goodyear and Glendale, Arizona. I noticed a hospital in the Maricopa County area using the term West Valley. Other Maricopa County listings appearing for West Valley searches included animal services and government flood control projects.

A tourist visiting the Las Vegas strip may not know there is a West Valley Las Vegas. Chiropractors in the Las Vegas area should be very specific when putting together their localized web page data. That same suggestion goes for dentists, cosmetic surgeons, acupuncturists, real estate agents, and all sorts of other small-business owners in the area.

Before I was done with this post I discovered there was a West Valley in Santa Clara County, another location in Northern California. Don’t know if that’s the same as the one in the San Jose area, but that’s exactly my point. Unless you provide the specific data, search engines and people like myself performing the searches, are going to have a more difficult time finding you. And I’m hoping your goal is to be found!

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