Top 10 Chiropractic States Results

Planet Chiropractic had an article posted on Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 which talked about the 10 top states that appeared in the web sites log pages for chiropractic searches related to local areas.

The article only barely scratched the surface when it comes to what’s happening on the Internet in relationship to different markets searching for chiropractic services, and how those markets are performing when compared in different states.

According to the article, California came in at the top of the list. No surprise, since California is a large state, has four chiropractic colleges, an estimated 8000 to 9000 chiropractors practicing in the state, and probably another 6000 or 7000 retired in the state, or no longer licensed to practice but still living (and maybe even practicing) in the area.

Planet chiropractic is not about to open up their search logs for the world to see, but checking with any major search engine, you’ll find that chiropractic gets more locally related search activity in California then any other state in the nation. The first thing we should be noticing as a result of this is an increased awareness of chiropractic in the state of California and an influx of consumers seeking chiropractic care showing up in California state offices.

Interestingly, when we drill it down the numbers differ across the state rather radically, with some local markets seeing high usage of the Internet as a first point of contact for locating chiropractic offices, and others seeing almost no activity whatsoever.

Largely populated areas such as the Los Angeles area are experiencing heavy activity. Not too far away, areas like Orange County, such as the Newport Beach area, while being heavily populated, are experiencing a significantly lower number of conversions into chiropractic offices. The numbers are just nowhere near as high in Orange County as they are in Los Angeles. The Northern California area, locations like Sacramento and San Francisco, are experiencing a significant increase over 2005 numbers but the activity is nowhere near what is showing up in search log reports for the Los Angeles area.

San Jose and San Diego began to show an increase in activity towards the year end but there was less traffic reported in both areas, in comparison to other locales such as Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County.
What about the rest of the states in the nation? People are using the Internet all over. Why are some areas experiencing high traffic search activity while others experience almost no search activity in relationship to the chiropractic profession and individuals seeking chiropractic care and or services?

I don’t have those answers yet but I have several theories as to why the results are the way they are. We’ll certainly have more data as 2007 rolls through and related searches are made. It will be interesting to see how the yellow page companies handle their printed books for the 2007 season, as things are not looking good for those door-to-door marketers looking to grab the few chiropractors left willing to pony up the dough for a marketing model that is getting very old very quickly.
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